Muzaffar Warsi

He was a renowned Naat khawan, who wrote songs in few movies
Muzaffar Warsi - Poets/Writers - He was a renowned Naat khawan, who wrote songs in few movies
Some facts about Muzaffar Warsi
Real name Muhammad Muzaffar-ud-din Siddiqui
Active career
Life 23-12-1933 - 28-01-2011
Born at Meerath, India
Language Urdu
Profession Poetry

He also wrote songs in few movies. Hamrahi (1966) was one of his all time best film with its super hit songs as:

  • Karm ki ik nazar ham par Khudara..
  • Mujhay chhor kar akela, kahin door janay walay..
  • Kya kahun a Dunya walo, kya hun main..
  • Yaad karta hay zamana, unhi insano ko..
  • Ho geyi zindgi mujhay pyari..
  • Naqsha teri judai ka zakhm-e-jiggar mein hay..
  • Qadm qadm peh neye dukh hayn zindgi kay liye..
  • Maan bhi jao Guria Rani, nahin roothna achha..

More detalis by Aqeel Abbas Jafri (with thanks):

Muzaffar Warsi

Muzaffar Warsi was born on December 23, 1933 in Meerath, India and died on January 28, 2011 in Lahore, Pakistan. He was a prominent Urdu poet, critic, essayist, a lyricist par excellence, and scholar of Pakistan. He was one whose work never fails to surprise. A humble man with humble beginnings who is unafraid of experimenting. He began more than five decades ago comprises a rich repertoire of not just Naats, but also authoring several anthologies of Ghazals, Nazms & hycoes including his autobiography Gaye dinon ka suraagh which is considered to be a classic. He was writing quatrains every day for Pakistan's Renowned daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt.

Muzaffar Warsi was born as Muhammad Muzaffar ud Din siddiqui into the family of Alhaaj Muhammad Sharf ud Din Ahmad known as Sufi Warsi . It was a family of landlords of Meerath. Sufi Warsi was a scholar of Islam, a doctor and poet.

He received two titles:

  • Faseeh-ul-Hind
  • Sharaf-u-Shu'ara

He was the friend of Sir Muhammad Iqbal, Akbar Warsi, Hasrat Mohani, Josh Malih Abadi, Ahsan Danish, Abul Kalaam Azad and Mahindar Singh Bedi. The family raised him with deep religious grounding. Muzaffar Warsiremained attached to State Bank of Pakistan (the Central Bank of Pakistan) as Deputy Treasurer. Muzaffar Warsistarted his poetry by writing lyrics for songs for Pakistani movies but gradually changed direction and his style of poetry became more oriented towards praising Allah and the Islamic prophet Muhammad or in other words he started writing Hamd and Naats. He also wrote, regularly, a stanza or two on current affairs in the Newspaper Nawa-e-Waqt until recently.

Literary work

  • Barf ki Nao
  • Baab-e-Haram
  • Lehja
  • Noor-e-Azal
  • Alhamd
  • Hisaar
  • Lahoo ki Haryali
  • Sitaron ki Aabjoo
  • Kaaba-e-Ishq
  • Khule dareechey band hawa
  • Dil sey dar-e-Nabi tak
  • Zulm na sehna
  • Kamand 

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