Film Music director

Feroz Nizami

He was a brilliant composer in Pakistani and pre-partition movies
Feroz Nizami - Film Music director - He was a brilliant composer in Pakistani and pre-partition movies
Some facts about Feroz Nizami
Real name
First film Hamari Basti (Urdu - 1950)
Active career1943-74
Life 15-11-1910 - 15-11-1975
Born at Lahore
Profession Music
Relations Nazar Mohammad (brother), Mudassar Nazar (nephew)

Feroz Nizami was known for some super hit songs in films like Jugnu (1947), Chann Way (1951), Dopatta (1951), Raaz and 16 Aanay (1959). He was elder brother of famous cricketer Nazar Mohammad (the father of Mudassar Nazar). He was born on November 15, 1910 and died on the same date in 1975 at Lahore.

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(This article was first published on the old site on 19.6.2004)

Feroz Nizami was born in Lahore in 1916. He belonged to a family well versed in the art of music. As he grew so did his love for music. He received his early education in this field from Ustad Abdul Waheed Khan; himself was a well-known classical singer of the Sub-continent. Under the training of Ustad Abdul Waheed Khan, Feroze Nizami turned into a very competent classical vocalist of the Kirana gharana. After completing his graduation from Islamia College Lahore, he joined all India Radio and served on Lahore, Delhi and Lucknow stations. After some years, he moved to Bombay and got the chance to exhibit his talent as a music composer.

He started his career in 1943, by composing the music of Vishwas (starring: Mehtaab, Surendra, Sulochana Chatterji) with Chhelalal. In 1946, he composed music for D.R.D. Wadiya's Muslim social film Neik Parveen It was a flop but some of Feroze Nizami's compositions were good, like:

  • Teri Zaat Pak Hay ze Khuda.. (sung by Hameeda Bano) and
  • Sun Lay Tu Meri Ilteja.. (sung by Zeenat Begum)

In 1947, Noorjahan and her husband Shaukat Hussain Rizvi had started Shauqat Art Productions in Bombay, and they had started work on their first film. Feroze Nizami was recruited to score the music. The movie was Jugnu, and looking back now, it was a big hit. While the Rafi-Noorjehan duet..

  • Yahan Badla Wafa Ka Be-Wafai Kay Siwa Kya Hay..

became synonymous with Jugnu's success. Mohammad Rafi mentions that he got his major break after singing this duet with Noorjahan. Noorjahan's 2 solos defined its very soul. The song..

  • Umangen Dil Ki Machlin, Muskarai Zindagi Apni.. comes from vintage stock. And as
  • Tum Bhi Bhula Do, Main Bhi Bhula Dun..

Besides Rafi and Noorjahan, Shamshad Begum and Roshan Ara Begum also sang the songs of Jugnu (1947). According to Shaukat Hussain Rizvi he payed a very high amount to Roshan Ara Begum to gave playback in this movie..

  • Des Ki Purkaif Rangeen Si Fizaon Mein.. which was picturised on Shashikala.

After the partition, like numerous other artists, Feroze Nizami also moved to Lahore to support a weak Pakistani film Industry. His first film Hamri Basti (1950) as a music director flopped in Pakistan.

Noorjahan was back again after a four years break from silver screen, and started her Pakistani film and singing career with a great melodious Punjabi film Chann Way (1951). In this film, Feroze Nizami's music reached new heights and almost all the songs created waves in subcontinent. Songs like:

  • Teray Long Da Peya Lashkara..
  • Jadu Koi Pa Geya, Dil Sada Aa Geya..
  • Chann Deya Toteya Way, Dillan Deya Khoteya..
  • Way Mundia Sialkotia, Teray Mukhray Da Kala Kala Till Way..
  • Changa Banaya E Sanu Khadona..
were on everybody's lips in those days. Chann Way released in 1951 and celebrated 18 weeks run in Regent Cinema Lahore and this film will be remembered as a great melodious Punjabi film in Pakistan.

After Jugnu (1947) and Chann Way (1951), In 1952, Dopatta was third hat-trick of success by Feroze Nizami and Noorjahan. Dopatta was the only Pakistani film to celebrate an outstanding success in the sub-continent. The film was also released in India to great critical acclaim and all the Noorjahan songs were hits. Particular favorites were:

  • Baat Hi Baat Mein Jee, Chandni Raat Mein..
  • Main Ban Patang Urh Jaun Ray..
  • Chandni Raten, Sab Jagg Soye, Ham Jagen..
  • Tum Zindagi Ko Gham Ka Fasana Bana Geye..
  • Mere Mann Kay Raja Aaja..
  • Jigar Ki Aag Say Is Dil Ko Jalta Dekhtay Jao..
  • Sanwaria, Tohay Koi Pukaray..

Feroze Nizami was one of the first people who wrote on music in Pakistan. As he was a very competent classical vocalist and a brilliant composer, he must have felt the need with the initiation of the music classes at Alhamra in the sixties, which he was in charge of. He was died in 1975.

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