Runa Laila Runa Laila

Runa Laila was ranked as the third best female singer in Pakistan (after Madam Noor Jehan and Mala). She was Bengali origin and born in Karachi, where she started her singing career from TV programme's.
She was introduced in film Ham Dono in 1966 by Nashaad and her first song Un ki nazron se mohabbat ka jo pegham mila... was a superhit song. She was a darling of the Karachi media and was promoted very efficiently against Madam Noor Jehan's dominance.
Runa Laila reached the peak of her film career when great musician Nisar Bazmi composed some super hit songs for her in films like Aasra, Anjuman, Tehzeeb, Anmol and Umrao Jan Ada.
Runa Laila also gained successes in Punjabi film music and sung some superhit songs as:

- Mahiya we, Bangla pawa de eithe...
(Film:Jagg Beeti (1968), music:Chishti)
- Zara thehar ja we chori chori jan waleyo...
(Film:Yamla Jutt (1969), music M. Ashraf)
- Leylpurun mangwaya, Jhumka Chanda da..
(Film:Bhole Shah 1970, music:Chishti)
- Do dil ik duje kolun door ho geye...
(Film:Zaildar (1972, music Chishti)

Runa Laila
left Pakistan in 1974 but she will be remembered as a big Pakistani female singer.
Runa Laila had an elder sister Deena Laila and at the starting of their career in singing in mid 60's, both sisters used to sing almost together in functions and stage and also some song they sang for PTV.
Deena Laila could not get the same fame as Runa Laila and died in early days of her marriage with Amin Fahim (PPPP), leaving a son behind. (thanks to Mr. Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudia)
Dina Laila died on December 27, 1976. (thanks to Mr. Aqeel Abbas Jafri, Karachi)

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