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Mehdi Hassan
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Mehdi Hassan Urdu film songs

Mehdi Hassan was a dominating male singer in Urdu movies in 1970s..

Mehdi Hassan Punjabi film songs
Mehdi Hassan's first Punjabi sang was in Punjabi film Heer Sial (1965). His song tally is under 100 songs in Punjabi movies.

Mehdi Hassan's duets
Mehdi Hassan's duets here..

Mehdi Hassan & Madam Noorjehan (Urdu songs)
The Ghazal King Mehdi Hassan sang the highest numbers of his duets with Madam Noorjehan. Most of their duets were super hit songs. Qaidi (1962), Sarhad (1966) , Tum milay pyar mila (1969), Insaan aur Aadmi (1970), Nya Rasta (1973) and Arzoo (1975) were some famous Urdu movies with their duets.

Mehdi Hassan & Madam Noorjehan (Punjabi songs)
The Ghazal King Mehdi Hassan never became a demand of Punjabi movies but he sang two all time mega hit duets with Madam Noorjehan in Punjabi films Sassi Punnu (1969) and Duniya Paisay di (1971). Most of their Punjabi duets were hit as well.

Mehdi Hassan & Mohammad Ali
Mehdi Hassan sang more than 100 songs for Mohammad Ali and their first song was in film Hazar Dasatan (1965)

Mehdi Hassan & Waheed Murad

Mehdi Hassan's first song on Waheed Murad was in film Saaz-o-Awaz (1965)

Mehdi Hassan & Nadeem
Mehdi Hassan's first song on Nadeem was in film Behan Bhai (1968)

Mehdi Hassan & Shahid

Mehdi Hassan's first song on Shahid was in film Ek Raat (1972)

Mehdi Hassan's film songs for other actors
Mehdi Hassan sang for many other actors as well..

Mehdi Hassan - non-film songs, Ghazals..
Vidoes of Ghazals and other songs..

The Ghazal Legend
Mehdi Hassan
is a legendary singer who is best known as "Shehnshah-e-Ghazal" or The King of Ghazals in Pakistan. He began his film career in 1956 and his last film as playback singer was released in 2000.

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and other figures & facts about Mehdi Hassan from 1956-2000 here

Pakistan's Top 10 Singers (male)Mehdi Hassan was born in the village of Luna, Jaipur in Rajasthan, India in 1927. He was the 16th generation of hereditary musicians hailing from the Kalawant. Kala means "Art" and Kalawant means "artist". He received his musical training under his father, Ustad Azeem Khan and his uncle Ustad Ismail Khan. They instructed him in classical music and voice production within the framework of classical forms of Thumri, Dhrupad, Khayal and Dadra, from the young age of eight. Mehdi Hassan started to perform with his elder brother Ghulam Qadir Khan as Darbari Gawayya and the first concert of Dhrupad and Kheyal at the darbar of Maharaja of Barodah.

After the independence, 20 years old Mehdi Hassan and his family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Cheecha Watni, district Sahiwal. He sang in few musical functions in Lahore but could not achieve any success. He also worked at Pancholi film studio Lahore and began working in a bicycle shop and later became a car and diesel tractor mechanic. Despite the hardships, his passion for music didn't wither and he kept up the daily routine of practice.

Mehdi Hassan got chance to sing Ghazals and songs at Radio Pakistan Karachi in 1952, where his uncle Ismael Khan was established as a music director. He also got chance to sing for some Karachi made movies but failed to make any progress.

1962 was a lucky year for Mehdi Hassan when his three songs were hit. His all time hit Ghazal Gullon mein rang bharay... in film Farangi (1964) gave him breakthrough as playback singer. His peak period was in the 1970s and after the downfall of Urdu movies in the 1980s, he was ignored by the music directors. Since he mostly sang in private functions. Later due to severity of his illness he completely departed from music.

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