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Masood Rana's updated songography with videos from 1962-96 (updated on 3.10.2010)
(incomplete but detailed with 950+ songs, figures and facts, records, milestones and videos on Masood Rana's 15 anniversary)
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Masood Rana & Mala (Punjabi duets)
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Masood Rana - LIVE
A collections of Masood Rana's videos from various LIVE stage shows, TV performances, private functions, interviews, information's and other important events.

Tributes to Masood Rana
Masood Rana was a legendry film singer who impressed many music lovers. Here are some videos as tributes to this great artist from another great names like Mujeeb Alam, Saleem Shehzad, A. Nayyar etc..

Masood Rana's non-films songs
Masood Rana was not only a film singer, he also sung many songs for Radio, TV, Stage and Cassettes..
» Read detailes on his non-film songs here

Masood Rana's Urdu film songs
Masood Rana sang 350+ Urdu songs in 200+ Urdu movies, which are 40% of his total film songs. He was regarded as the third best playback singer in Urdu movies by Urdu film critics. His peak period was in Urdu films was in the 1960s. Here is a collection om some of his super hit songs..

Masood Rana's Punjabi film songs
Masood Rana was a totally dominating male singer in Pakistani Punjabi films. He sang 530+ songs in 350+ movies, which is the all time record and more than combined figuers from Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmad Rushdi and Munir Hussain's punjabi songs. This is just an amazing fact that Masood Rana's Punjabi songs are 60% of his total film songs - Punjabi language is also spoken by 60% of Pakistani people..!!!

Masood Rana's Urdu film duets
Masood Rana sang 190+ (54%) duets in Urdu films. Here is a collection of his duets minus his duets with Madam Noorjehan, Mala and Ahmad Rushdi. They are compiled in another collections.

Masood Rana's Punjabi duets
54% of Masood Rana's Urdu songs were duets. He sang more than 50 songs each with three main singers:
Mala, Irene Perveen and Madam Noorjehan.

Madam Noorjehan & Masood Rana (Urdu duets)
Madam Noorjehan sang the highest numbers of her duets with Masood Rana (50+), who was the most versatile male singer in both Urdu and Punjabi movies. Meray Mehboob (1966), Chand Suraj (1970), Daaman aur Chingari (1973) and Deedar (1974) were some memorable musical Urdu movies of this pair.

Madam Noorjehan & Masood Rana (Punjabi duets)
Like Madam Noorjehan, Masood Rana was a totally dominating male singer in Punjabi movies. Nikkay hundian da pyar & Dhee Rani (1969) Hukm da Ghulam (1976), Ishq nachaway Gali Gali (1984) and Pyar karn tun nain darna (1991) were some big Punjabi musical movies of this pair.

Masood Rana & Mala
(Urdu duets)
Masood Rana sang maximum numbers of his duets with Mala (65+). Here are their Urdu duets..

Masood Rana & Mala (Punjabi duets)
Masood Rana sang maximum numbers of his duets with Mala (65+). Here are their Punjabi duets..

Masood Rana & Ahmad Rushdi
Masood Rana sang 30+ songs with Ahmad Rushdi. This is an all time record for male duets in Pakistani films.

The most versatile & perfect playback singer
Masood Rana
was the most perfect and versatile playback film singer in both Urdu and Punjabi films in Pakistani films. He sang the maximum numbers of film songs (900+) in maximum numbers of Pakistani films (580+). He was the only male singer who continuously sang from his first film in 1962 till his death in 1995 - 34 years..!

Masood Rana began his singing career in 1955 from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. His first film as playback singer was a Karachi made Urdu film Inqalab in 1962 and his first film song was a patriotic song:

Mashriq ki tareek faza mein naya svera phoota hay
Ab yeh raaz khuley ga sab par kis ne kis ko loota hay

Masood Rana got breakthrough from his all time hit Punjabi song Tange wala khair mangda.. in Pakistan's Top 10 Singers (male)film Daachi (1964). He reached the peak of his singing career when he sang six mega hit songs in very high pitch in film Hamrahi (1966).

Masood Rana was the first choice of every musician when there was any difficult song, especially songs in very high pitch. He was specialist in singing of title & theme songs in Pakistani films. His peak period was from 1964-76 and then 1990-94.

Chodhary Masood Ahmad Rana s/o Chodhary Ali Ahmad was born on June 9, 1938 in Mir Pur Khas, Sindh in a Punjabi landowner family which belongs to Jalandhar, East Punjab. He had a God gifted singing talent and never learnt traditional classical music. He leads a singing group in Karachi with other names like Akhlaq Ahmad and Nadeem, before he was introduced as "Pakistani Rafi" to films by actor Saqi. He was inspired by Mohammad Rafi and always lived up to his name.
Masood Rana
died by heart attack during a train tour from Lahore to Sadiqabad (southern Punjabi) on October 4th, 1995.

Masood Rana was totally dominating male singer in Pakistan's most spoken language Punjabi movies (spoken by 60% of people) and was regarded as the third best male singer in Pakistan's "National" language Urdu movies (spoken by 7-10% population).

According to the incomplete songography (updated on 3.10.2010):
Masood Rana sang 900+ songs in 584+ released films from 1962-96. He sang 357+ (40%) songs in 212+ (36%) Urdu films and 537+ (60%) songs in 370+ (64%) Punjabi films. He also sang in Sindhi, Siraiki, Arabic and English. 1966 was his best year with 73 songs in a calendar year. He sang in 40+ films pr. year in 1968 and 1974.

» Read the updated detailed songography 1962-96 with videos
(Last updated on Masood Rana's 15th anniversary on October 4, 2010).

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