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The story of Sassi Punnu
Sassi Punnu is a very famous folk love story in Punjab and Sindh (Pakistan) and one of the favorite scripts for film producers in the sub-continent. It was written by Nawab Mir Mohammad Maasoom as "Masnawi Husn-o-Naz" in Akbar-period (1556-1605). Qazi Soorthi re-wrote this story in Mohammad Shah

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Sassi means "Moon" - beautiful, was the only daughter of King Adam Khan of Bhambour, Sindh, Pakistan (40 miles south of Karachi on the right cost of Indus river, which was discovered in 1958). At her birth the astrologers predicted that she was a curse for the royal familys prestige. The king ordered that the child be put in a wooden chest with a taweez tied on her neck and a lot of jewellery and gold coins as her living expenditures and thrown into the Indus river.

A very emotional song was played in the background on this situation in film "Sassi Punni" (1968):
Mape kadi aistaran te Doli nein si torde
Dhian noo wiande si o, enj nein si rorde
(The parents never say farewell to their doughters like this
They always send them as brides and never throw like this)
Singer: Masood Rana, Lyrics: Ahmad Rahi, Composer: Rehman Verma

The chest was seen floating by Atta Dhobi, a washer man. Atta believed the child was a blessing from God and took her home and adopted her as his child. Many, many years passed by and the king did not have another child, so he decides to get married again. When he heard that the daughter of Atta, Sassi, was as beautiful as the angels, the king summoned her to the palace.

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Sassi was still wearing the taweez (amulet), which the queen mother had put around her neck when she was taken away to be drowned. The king recognized his daughter immediately on seeing the taweez. The pent-up sufferings of the parents flowed into tears. They wanted their lost child to return to the palace and bring joy and brightness to their lives, but Sassi refused and preferred to live in the house where she had grown up. She refused to leave the man who had adopted her.

Sassi did not go to the palace but the king presented her with abundant gifts, lands and gardens where she could grow and blossom like a flower. As all the rare things of the world were within her reach she wanted to acquire knowledge and sent for learned teachers and scholars. She made sincere efforts to increase her knowledge. During this time she heard about the trader from Makran, who had a garden with a monument, the inner portion of which was enriched with exquisite paintings. When Sassi visited the place to offer her tributes and admire the rich art, she instantly fell in love with a painting, which was a masterpiece of heavenly creation. She soon discovered this was the portrait of Prince Punnu, son of King Jam Arao, the ruler of Turbat, Makran, the south west cost of Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Sassi became desperate to meet Punnu, so she issued an order that any businessman coming from Turbat should be presented before her. There was a flutter within the business community as this news spread and someone informed Punnu about Sassis love for him. He assumed the garb of a businessman and carrying a bagful of different perfumes came to meet Sassi. The moment Sassi saw him she couldn't help saying:
"Praise to be God!"

Punnus Baluchi brothers developed an enmity for Sassi. They followed him and on reaching the town they saw the marriage celebrations of Sassi and Punnu in full swing, they could not bear the rejoicing. That night the brothers pretended to enjoy and participate in the marriage celebrations and forced Punnu to drink different types of liquor. When he was dead drunk the brothers carried him on a camels back and returned to their hometown Turbat.

The next morning when she realized that she was cheated she became mad with the grief of separation from her lover and ran barefoot towards the city of Turbat. To reach the city she had to cross miles of desert land, the journey that was full of dangerous hazards, leading to the end of world.

Her end was similar to the end of Kaknoos bird. It is said that when this bird sings, fire leaps out from its wings and it is reduced to ashes in its own flames. Similarly Punnus name was the death song for Sassi who repeated it like a song and flames of fire leapt up and she was also reduced to ashes.

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