Movies from Dacca, East Pakistan
Movies from East Pakistan

On the Day of Mourning - December 16 1971
..when Dacca fall after nine months long Civil-war..!!!

Pakistan Film Magazine is paying a great tribute to all artists from Dacca-based East Pakistani Urdu movies with complete list of all Urdu and Bengali movies from 1956-71. This page includes some interesting figures and facts, rare videos & audios and some complete online movies as well.

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This page is dedicated to Syed Mahmood Anwar and was not completed without the help from Aqeel Abbas Jafri from Karachi and Dr. Hassan Bukhari from Multan, thanks to their contributions. Also many thanks to old Pakistani film videos and music uploaders on YouTube.

Remarkable Musical Movies
Mukh-o-Mukhush Jagu hu Svera Chanda
Talash Sangam Millan
Karwan Akhri Station Bahana
Mala Bhaiya Nawab Sirajuddola
Chakori Darshan Chhotay Sahib
Chand aur Chandni Qulli Jahan Bajay Shehnai
Daagh Anari Pyasa
Geet kahin Sangeet .. Pail Jaltay Suraj kay..
The first Pakistani Bengali film from Dacca
(The Face and the Mask)
Realesed on: August 3, 1956 in Decca, East Pakistan
The story of 'Mukh-O-Mukhus'was as usual family drama, evil versus good.The presentation style was theatrical. The film is remembrered for its historical importance. The entire printing and processing works were done at the Shahnoor Studio of Labore of West Pakistan.

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Actors Abdul Jabbar KhanJabbar Khan the hero who directed and wrote the story of this film. He was the first ever producer, director and writer in Dhaka based Bengali movies.
others Ahmed, Purnima Sen, Nazma (Peary), Zaharat Ara, Ali Mansur, Fafiq, Narul Anarn Khan, Saifuddin, Bilkis Bad
Producer Nuruzzaman, Shahidul Alam, Kalimullh, M. A. Hasan of lqbal Film
Director & Story Abdul Jabbar Khan
Music Samar Das (the first music director from East Pakistan)
Camera 0. M. Zaman
Singers ??
Film songs:
?? ??

The First Urdu Film from East Pakistan
Century Films
Jago hua savera
(The day shall dawn)
(Urdu/Bengali - 100 min.)
Released on: May 25, 1959

A classic art film from East Pakistan. The story was based on the lives of the fishermen of East Bengal.

Comments on
Insightful and impressive as a first feature film from Pakistan, Jago Hua Savera deals with the struggles of an impoverished family living in a fishing village. Director Asejay Kardar keeps the mood simple, serious, and straightforward as the family members are shown trying to get money to buy the boat they need. The hopelessness of their objective is graphically underscored by the conditions in which they live, and the self-interest of the local moneylender whose purpose in life is to increase his coffers rather than lend a helping hand. At times poetic and with scenes that ring true, director Kardar has done well with the resources at his disposal. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide
Faiz Ahmad Faiz with he unit of film Jago hua savera
Film Business:
It was a dead flop film on box office and was only released in Karachi's Jubilee cinema, where it lasted only three days or nine shows. But this film won few International awards around the world, especially the gold medal in Moscow Film Festival. This film was recently (December 2007) released in a Continents Film Festival in France and it was discovered - not from Pakistan or Bangladesh - but from a film caller in London by festival administrator Mr. Jildo Filip.

Film Business:
Karachi: Super flop; only 9 shows/3 Days in Jubilee Cinema
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Read the complete booklet as pdf-file of film Jago Hua Savera
(Thanks a lot to Mr. Aqeel Abbas Jafri, Karachi)
(Get Adobe Reader from here)

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Actors Khan Attaur RahmanKhan Ata-ur-Rahman (Anis), who became producer, director and music director in many Urdu movies from East Pakistan)
Other actors:
Tripti Mitra, Zuraine, Roxy, Redwan, Kazi Khaleque, Nasima, Moyna, Meena Latif
Producer Noman Taseer
Director Asejay Kardar
Screenplay & songs Faiz Ahamd FaizFaiz Ahmad Faiz (1911-84) was a legendry Urdu poet. It was his first ever film as writer and lyricist. His most famous songs were in film Qaidi and Farangi.
Story Manik Bandopadhaya (novel)
Photography Walter Lassalley (Germany)
Editor Ms Binvovet (UK)
Recordist Jhon Fleteher (UK)
Music Tamar Barran (India) ass. Shantikumar Charthedee (India)
Singers Altaf Mehmood, ?
Film songs:

Bhoor hui Ghar ao Majhi, bhoor hui Ghar ao.. (male singer)
Moti ho keh Sheesha ho.. (male singer)
Ab kya dekhay rah tumhari, beet chali hay raat (male singer)
Doob geya din, shaam dhali, shaam dhali Altaf Mehmood*)
*) Thanks to Dr. Bukhari, Multan

Shabnam & Rahman

Dosani Leo Films
Released on: August 3, 1962
The first ever commercial film from Dacca (Dhaka), East Pakistan was a joint venture of two brothers Ihtesam and Mustafiz.

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit Golden jubilee at Nishat cinema
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Sultana Zaman, Rahman, Shabnam, Subhash Dutta
Director Producer and director Captain Ihtesham from DhakaIhtesham or Captian Ihtisham was the most successful film producer and director from Dhaka (Dacca) East Pakistan. He had other films as Talash, Mala, Daagh, Anari and the all time mega hit Urdu film from Dhaka - Chakori in 1967. He was a Bengali origin and born in Calcutta (Kolkata). After 1971, he directed two movies in Pakistan, Ek thi Larki (1973), his son-of-laws film as producer - Mitti kay Putlay (1974) and later Pakistan-Bangladesh co-production film Basera (1984). His daughter, Farzana is the wife of legendry Pakistani film hero Nadeem.
Producer Producer and director Mustafiz from Dhaka, East PakistanMustafiz was brother of Ihtesham and this pair was box office hit from Dacca's Urdu movies.
Lyrics & Dialogs Saroor BarabankviSaroor Barabankvi was an Urdu speaking poet and writer. He wrote many famous songs in Dacca-bassed Urdu movies. He also produced and directed some moveis.
Music Robin GhoshRobin Ghosh was introduced as music director in this film. His first film in West Pakistan was Jahan Tum Wahan Hum in 1968. He composed music in the most super hit Urdu film Chakori from East Pakistan and the most box office hit urdu film Aina (1977) in Pakistan.
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Bengali singer Firdousi BegumFirdousi Begum was the most successful playback singer from Dacca-bassed Urdu movies. She was born at Kooch, Behar in 1941 in a musician family.
Other singers:
Farida Yasmin & Anjuman Ara

Film songs:

Akhian tori rah mein harin, aa Pardesia.. (sad) Farida Yasmin
Akhian teri rah naharen, o Pardesia.. (happy) Firdousi Begum
Chandni bheegi bhegi hawa.. Anjuman Ara
Chhalkay Gagria, bheegay chunaria.. Firdsousi Begum,
Farida Yasmin
Rung, roop, jawani, rut sawan ki.. Firdousi Begum
Sanbhal kay chal, mout ko de sada.. Firdousi Begum

Dossani Leo Films
Released on: Eid-ul-Azha, May 3, 1963
Shabnam and Rahman pair became popular from this musical film.
Playback singer Bashir Ahmad was introduced in this film.

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit Golden jubilee
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Shabnam in TalashShabnam became top film heroine from this musical film. She was a busy actress in Dacca made movies in the first half of 60s.
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was the most successful film hero before arrival of Nadeem. He was unlucky and lost one of his leg in an accident..
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AkbarAkbar was a very useful co-actor. He played title role in film Bhaiya (1966).
Other actors: Rani Sarkar, Subhash Dutta

Producer F.A. Dossani
Director Mustafiz
Music Robin Ghosh
Singers Bashir Ahamd singerBashir Ahmad was introduced in this musical film. He sang two super hit songs and became the most successful playback singer in Dacca-based Urdu movies. He was an Urdu speaking from Lucknow but settled in Dhaka. He was multitalented artist. He sang, composed music and wrote songs in films like Darshan.
Other signers:
Firdousi Begum, Anjuman Ara, Qazi Anwar Hossain
Film songs:

Kuchh apni kahiye, kuchh meri suniye Bashir Ahmad
Kuchh apni kahiye, kuchh meri suniye Firdousi Begum
Main Rikshaw wala, matwala.. Bashir Ahmad
Main Rikshaw wala, bechara.. Qazi Anwar Hossain
Mousam rangeela hay, nasheeli hawa.. Firdousi Begum
Kahin na kahin, kabhi na kabhi, dil to Anjuman Ara,
Bashir Ahmad
Tum bhi haseen, dil bhi jawan hay.. Bashir Ahmad,
Anjuman Ara

The First Full length Colored Movie in Pakistan
Cine Circle Presents
Released on: Eid-ul-Azha, April 23, 1964
The first ever comple coloured moive in Pakistan was produced in Dhaka..
The re-make of this film was made as film Palkun ki chhaun mein in ...

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit Golden jubilee at Plaza cinema
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors HaroonHaroon was non-Bengali and Pathan origin artist, who was settled in East Pakistan. He became a top hero in Urdu movies from Dacca.
Other actors: Rozi, Sumita, Khalil ..
Producer, director & Writer Zahir Raihan - film director from DhakaZahir Raihan (1935-71) was a talented film producer, director and writer from Dacca, East Pakistan. He was assistant director in the first Urdu film Jago hua Svera. He joined the traitor, terrorist and criminal organization Mukti Bahini during the civil war in East Pakistan in 1971. He propagated against Pakistan from All India Radio Calcutta and was killed by an unknown gunman after the fall of Dacca on December 16, 1971. He also made an Urdu film Jaltay Suraj kay Neechay (1971) in Lahore but the name of the director of the film was changed due to his treason to Pakistan.
Music Khan Ataur Rahman
Lyrics ...
Singers Firdousi Begum, Bashir Ahmad, Mehboob-ur-Rahman, Akhtar Shaad, Abdul Jabbar
Film songs:

Hazar saal ka Budha jo mar geya.. Bashir Ahmad,
& Co.
Dil mera lay kay aap kehan.. Akhtar Shaad
Chali ray, chali ray.. Firdousi Begum
Kitnay suhanay rangeena khawab dikha Firdousi Begum
Neela Gagan hay tera.. Abdul Jabbar,
Firdousi Begum
Pyar ho geya.. Bashir Ahmad,
Firdousi Begum

Millan Films
Released on: December 4, 1964
The most successful Bengali hero in Dhaka-based Urdu movies - Rahman lost one of his leg in an accident. He was cut from film Preet na Janay Reet. Then he produced and directed his first ever film, which was a great success. Film artists from West Pakistan showed sympathy and worked in his film without any payment. Even Madam Noorjehan sang her first film song in this East Pakistani film free of cost..! Deeba appeared in her only film in Dacca and received only one rupee for her work.
Rahman moved to West Pakistan and played side-roles in films like Dosti (1971) and Nadan (1973). He produced and directed three movies in Pakistan, Chahat (1974), Do Sathi (1975) and Laggan (1981).

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit Golden jubilee at Plaza cinema
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Deeba, Rahman, Akbar, Shehnshah and
Subhash Dutta, comedy actor from DhakaSubhash Dutta was the most famous comedy actor from East Pakistan. He was seen in many movies. He was a Bengali origin Hindu and a producer and director as well.
Producer & director Rahman
Music Khan Ataur Rahman
Lyrics ..
Singers Madam Noorjehan, Firdousi Begum, Bashir Ahmad
Film songs:

Tum jo milay, pyar mila, dil ko qarar aa geya Madam Noorjhean, Bashir Ahmad
Tum salamat raho, muskarao hanso.. Bashir Ahmad
Jo mujh say door sahi.. Bashir Ahmad
Koi dil mein aa kay muskara geya.. Firdousi Begum

Lubdhak Productions
Released on: December 4, 1964
The first ever Pakistani film shoot in Nepal..
The first and last Dacca-based film of playback singer Saleem Raza.

Film Business:
Karachi: Average film
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabnam, Haroon, Tarana, Badaruddin
Producer Sadeq Khan
Director S. M. Pervez
Music Robing Ghosh
Camera Afzal Choudhury
Singers Firdsousi Begum, Bashir Ahmad & Saleem Raza
Film songs:

Jab tum akailay ho gay, ham yaad ayen gay Bashir Ahmad
Teri tasvir banata hun.. Saleem Raza
Tum zara muskarao.. Bashir Ahmad,
Firdousi Begum
Ajji Janab, chhoriye.. Firdousi Begum
Ja ja ja main to say na hi.. ?
Bali umaria mein.. ?

Akhri Station
Sagarika Pictures Presents
Akhri Station
Released on: December 26, 1965
Shabnam, played one of the best role in her film career in this film.
The only appearance of Rani in any Dacca-based movie.

Film Business:
Karachi: Hit film
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabnam, Rani, Haroon, Akbar, Mahfooz, Subhash Dutta
Producer M.M. Hassan
Director & Writer Saroor Barabankvi
Music Khan Ataur Rahman
Story Hajira Masroor
Singers Firdousi Begum, Abdul Hafeez, Akhtar Abbas & Ahmad Rushdi
Film songs:

Toota ik Tara.. Firdousi Begum
Aya hay koi Ankhon mein liye huey Firdousi Begum,
Abdul Hafeez
Chaye garm, Chaye Ahmad Rushdi,
Abdul Hafeez,
Akhtar Abbas
A meray anokhay Hamrahi.. Firdousi Begum
A meray anokhay Hamarahi... ?
Hi Allah, meri mushkil mein hay jan Firdousi Begum,
Abdul Hafeez

The first Cinema scope film in Pakistan
Little Cine Circle
Released on: April 16, 1965
This film was shoot in Karachi..The only film for Munir Hussain in Dacca..

Film Business:

Karachi: Average film
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Kaburi, Rahman, Nargis, Faty Mohsin, Garj Babu
Producer & director Zahir Raihan
Music Khan Ataur Rahman
Lyrics ?
Singers Irene Perveen, Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana, Munir Hussain
Film songs:

Shehar ka naam hay Karachi,
bach kay rehna yehan..
Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana,
Irene Perveen
Aisi Karachi say to ham baaz aye..
Kaam na aye koi apnay paraye..
Munir Hussain, Masood Rana,
Ahmad Rushdi
Milnay ka zamana aya.. Irene Perveen,
Masood Rana
Ab to bujha do Shama, ab koun aye ga.. Irene Perveen

The first ever colour and cinemascope film in Pakistan
A Dossani Leo Production
Released on: December 3, 1965
An adventure movie..

Film Business:
Karachi: Flop film
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Sultana Zaman, Azeem, Sujata, Irfan, Dear Asghar, Zarina, Nazneen, Jalil Afghani
Producer F.A. Dossani & Ihtesham
Director Mustafiz
Music Khan Ataur Rahman
Lyrics -
Singers Irene Perveen, Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana
Film songs:

O Banki Chhori, Naina ki katar dil kay par geyi.. Ahmad Rushdi,
Irene Perveen
Jhooti hay yeh sari Nagri.. Ahmad Rushdi
Muskaraen jhoomen gaen.. Irene Perveen
Aaja Sanwaria.. ?
Itna bhi mohay tarpao na.. ?
Ao chalo aaj Sakhi aaj Mangal manaen.. Irene Perveen,
Masood Rana

Bhaiya (1966)
Zeba Films
Released on: October 14, 1966

The legendry film hero Waheed Murad appeared in this film in Dacca-based Urdu movies first and last time.
played the title role in this musical and dramatic movie.
A Christian music director Robin Ghosh composed one of the most popular Urdu film Qawwali Madeenay walay say mera salaam keh dena..

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit 20/39 weeks
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Chitra SinhaChitra Singha only appeared in this super hit musical film with legendry film hero Waheed Murad, Akbar and others.
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Producer Sajida Anees
Director Zahir Raihan
Music Robin Ghosh
Lyrics ?
Singers Mala, Najma Niazi, Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana, Bashir Ahmad and Hafiz Atta Mohammad Qawwal & Co.
Film songs:

Madeenay walay say mera salaam keh dena.. Masood Rana,
Ahmad Rushdi,
Hafiz Atta Mohammad
Jawab do na do, leikan mera salaam to lo.. Masood Rana
Ajnabi rastay, ajnabi ham safar Najma Niazi,
Ahmad Rushdi
Janay mujhay kya ho geya.. Ahmad Rushdi,
Najma Niazi
Abhi abhi aye ho, abhi abhiy jayo gay.. Naheed Niazi,
Irene Perveen
Meray sapno mein aa kay.. Mala
Kaho tum meray koun ho.. Najma Niazi
Behna meri pyari hay.. Ahmad Rushdi
Dekhiye, meri tarf dekhiye na.. Bashir Ahmad

Seven Arts
Nawab Sirajjuddola
Released on: Eid-ul-Azha, April 23, 1967
One of few succesful film based on facts..
This film won Best Film Award at Tashkent film festival.

Film Business:
Karachi: Golden jubilee at Plaza cinema
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Atiya, Khan Ataur Rahman, Badruddin and
Anwar Hossain played the title role in this historical film. After the success of this film, he was an automatic choice for another film based on the real history - Shaeed Teetu Mir (1969).
Producer, director & music Khan Ataur Rahman
Lyrics Saroor Barabankvi
Singers Firdousi Begum, Shehnaz Begum, Abdul Aleem
Film songs:

Yeh yeh Aalam tujhay bhulanay mein.. Firdousi Begum
Tum hi say hay dua meri Kamli walay (pbuh) Firdousi Begum
Do kinaray is Nadia kay Abdul Aleem
Be-dardi, dil mein teray pyar nahin.. Shehnaz Begum



Leo Dosani Films
Realesed in Dacca (East Pakistan) on:
Eid-ul-Azha, March 23rd, 1967
Released in Karachi on May 19, 1967
This film was released on March 23, 1967 on Eid-ul-Azha Day in Dacca (Dhaka), East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Distributors in West Pakistan were not interested to release this Dacca made film in Watch Movies OnlineKarachi or Lahore circuits due to poor reports of new comers Nadeem and Shabana. But after success in Dacca, this film was released on May 19, 1967 in Karachi. First few days film business was very bad but then local boy Nadeem became the hero of cinegores in Karachi and this film celebrated platinum jubilee - the only second platinum jubilee Urdu film in Pakistan and a new success record for a new pair. (thanks to Mr. Aqeel Abbas Jafri, Karachi)

Film Business:
Karachi: Platinum Jubilee 81 weeks (Paradise 20 weeks)
Lahore: ?
Dacca: Hit

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Actors ShabanaShabana was a great discovery. Her first film created records. She became the first heroine with an inaugural Platinum jubilee film. Her pair with Nadeem was a great success.
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Ohter actors: Nadeem, Reshma, Mirza Shahi, Mustafa, Dear Asghar
Producer Mustafiz
Director Ehtasham
Music Robin Ghosh
Lyrics Akhtar Yousuf
Singers Firdousi Begum, Ahmad Rusdhi, Mujeeb Alam and Nadeem
Film songs:

Kahan ho tum ko dhoondh rahi hain Ahmad Rushdi
Kahan ho tum ko dhoondh rahi hain Nadeem,
Firdousi Begum
Woh mere samne tasweer bane Mujeeb Alam
Woh mere samne tasweer bane Firdousi Begum
Khanak jaye re Chandi ka mera Jhumka Firdousi Begum
Pyare pyare Yaar hamare Ahmad Rushdi

Millan Films
Realesed on:
September 8th, 1967
This film belongs to playback singer Bashir Ahmad who sang eight songs, composed music and wrote all songs...amazing!!

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit golden jubilee at Nishat cinema
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabnam, Rehman, Mustafa...
Producer KumKum
Director Rehman
Music and Lyrics Bashir Ahmad
Singers Madam Noor Jehan, Mala and Bashir Ahmad
Film songs:

Yeh mousam yeh mast nazare Bashir Ahmad
Din raat khayalon mein tujhe yaad Bashir Ahmad
Jidhar dekhta hoon main udhar too Bashir Ahmad
Tum jo mile pyar mila, dil ko Madam Noor Jehan
Bashir Ahmad
Yeh samaa, pyara pyara sa Mala
Tum chale chhor kar, meri mehfil Bashir Ahmad
Tumhare liye is Dil mein itni mohabbat Bashir Ahmad
Chal diye tum jo Dil tor kar Bashir Ahmad

chhotay Sahib
Jano Films
Chhotay Sahib
Released on: October 13, 1967
Second consecutive super hit film of Nadeem and Shabana..

Film Business:
Karachi: Super hit Golden jubilee at Paradise cinema, 18/52 weeks
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabana, Nadeem, Dear Asghar
Producer Ihtesham
Director, story & screenplay Mustafiz
Music Ali Hassan
Lyrics Akhtar Yousuf
Singers Mala, Naveeta & Ahmad Rushdi
Film songs:

Ada teri banki hay roop suhana.. Ahmad Rushdi
Phir jhoomen Kalian, Baghon mein ayi bahar Mala
Ankhon kay Gulabi doray Ahmad Rushdi
Abhu yunn na jayie, yeh sitam na dhahiye Ahmad Rushdi
Rah mein chhor kar chalay Mala
Seeti baja kay Gulabi.. Mala, Naveeta
Kahay Badara chhaye.. Mala
Meray Hamrahi, mera sath nibhana.. Ahmad Rushdi, Mala

Chand aur Chandni
Leo Dosani Films
Chand aur Chandni
Released on: April 11th, 1968

The best ever musical film of music director Karim Shahabuddin who belongs to Gujarati-Kahiawari group.

Film Business:
Karachi: Silver Jubilee at Plaza cinema, 9/28 weeks
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabana, Nadeem, Dear Asghar and
ReshmaReshma's first Urdu film was Eindhan as first heroine but she never became top heroine. She also produced film Ghar Pyara Ghar in West-Pakistan, but failed..
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Producer Dosani
Director Ehtsham
Music Karim Shahabuddin
Lyrics Saroor Barabankvi
Singers Mala, Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana
Film songs:

Teri yaad aageyi, gham khushi mein dhal geye Masood Rana
Jan-e-Tamanna, khat hai tumhara Ahmad Rushdi
Yeh samaa, mouj ka karwan Mala, Masood Rana
Tujhe pyar ki qasm hai mera pyar banke aaja Masood Rana, Mala
Ab hai manzil kahan Ahmad Rushdi
Lai Ghata Motiyon ka tarana Mala

Dossani Leo Films
Released on June 7, 1968
Another film with Shabana and Nadeem..

Film Business:
Karachi: Silver jubilee 8/31 weeks
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabana, Nadeem, Azeem, Sujata, Jalil Afghani, Naryan Chakarvarti
Producer F.A. Dossani
Director Mustafiz
Music Ali Hassan
Lyrics Saroor Barabankvi
Singers Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana, Nadeem
Film songs:
Tum ko mubarak ho yeh saman Ahmad Rushdi
Mera Habib tum ho, mera naseeb tum ho.. Nadeem
Milay is tarah dil ki Duniya saja di.. Masood Rana
Ek neya gham hay, Khuda khair karay.. Masood Rana
Qadmon mein teray Jannat a Maa.. Irene Perveen
Qadmon mein teray Jannat a Maa.. Ahmad Rushdi,
Masood Rana
Koi barham hay Khuda khair karay.. Nadeem

Jahan Bajay Shehnai (1968)
Millan Films
Jahan Bajay Shehnai
Released on: October 25, 1968
Rahman was not only a successful film hero, but also a talented producer and director. His wife Kum Kum was his co-assistent, who wrote the story of this film.
Bashir Ahmad was singer, lyricist and music director in this film.

Film Business:
Karachi: Flop film
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors SuchandaSuchanda was an another famous heroine from Dhaka made Urdu movies.
Other actors: Rahman, Anwar Hossain, Sirajul Islam, Naina and guest star directors Zahir Chodhury &
Nazrul IslamNazrul Islam was seen as an actor in this film. He was director of the most super hit Urdu film in Pakistan's history - Aaina (1977). Third song (Dil ki hay ek tamanna) in this film was filmed on him.
Producer & Story Kum Kum (wife of Rahman)
Director & screenplay Rahman
Camera Arun Roy
Music Bashir Ahmad, Khalil Ahmad
Lyrics B.A. Deep (Bashir Ahmad), Akhtar Yousuf
Singers Mala, Irene Perveen, Ahmad Rushdi & Bashir Ahmad
Film songs:

Bajnay lagay woh saaz, jo khamosh thay kabhi Bashir Ahmad
Jab jab tum ko dekha, beetay huye din kyun. Mala
Dil ki hay ek tamanna, ek hi hay hasrat..
Bashir Ahmad
A pyar shukriya tera, tu nay jo gham diya hay Bashir Ahmad
We Dilruba, o khuchay be-wafa..

Ahmad Rushdi,
Irene Perveen

Mustafiz Productions
Released on April 4, 1969

First flop film of Shabana-Nadeem pair and the only Dacca-based Urdu film with a song of Mehdi Hassan.

Film Business:
Karachi: Flop film 7/21 weeks
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabana, Nadeem, Naina, Jalil Afghani, Mirza Shahi, Dear Asghar
Producer Mustafiz & Ihtesham
Director, dialogue & screenplay Ihtesham
Story A. Rahman
Camera Badar Alam, Arun Roy
Music Ali Hassan, Robin Ghosh
Lyrics Akhtar Yousuf, Amin Yousuf
Singers Sabina Yasmin, Naina, Irene Perveen, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana
Film songs:

Dekh main kitni aas lagaye.. Sabina Yasmin
Tum zid to kar rahay ho Mehdi Hassan
Milnay ka moqa hay, galay lag jao.. Masood Rana, Naina
Janay main kab say.. Ahmad Rushdi
Aa jao zara mil baithen ham..
(music Robin Ghosh, lyrics Amin Akhtar)

Masood Rana,
Sabina Yasmin

Dekh main kitni aas lagaye.. Ahmad Rushdi

Ihtesham Productions
Releaseed on August 15, 1969

Another flop film of Shabana-Nadeem pair..

Film Business:
Karachi: Flop film 5/17 weeks
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Shabana, Nadeem, Jalil Afghani
Producer Ihtesham & Mustafiz
Director, story & Screenplay Mustafiz
Music Ali Hassan
Lyrics Akhtar Yousuf
Singers Nadeem, Firdousi Begum..
Film songs:

Likhay parhay hotay agar, to tum ko khat likhtay Nadeem
Likhay parhay hotay agar, to tum ko khat likhtay Sabina Yasmin
Baharon ki shaam suhani hay.. SAbina Yasmin,
Ahmad Rushdi
Hathon mein haath do.. Ahmad Rushdi
Yeh Phool sa nazuk badan.. Ahmad Rushdi

Pyasa (1969)
Shabab Productio

Released on: April 4, 1969
This film was a true copy of Mehboob's Anmol Ghari..

Film Business:
Karachi: Flop film
Lahore: ?
Dacca: ?

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Actors Suchanda, Rahman, Azeem, Anwara
Producer ?
Director & writer Nazrul Islam
Music Subal Das
Lyrics ?
Singers Irene Perveen, Ahmad Rushdi, Master Nafees
Film songs:

Tu Titli hay, main Baadal hun.. Irene Perveen, Master Nafees
Tu Titli thi, main Baadal tha.. Ahmad Rushdi
Ghalt fehmi hoti ho gi.. Ahmad Rushdi
Achha kiya, dil na diya, ham jaisay deevanay ko.. Ahmad Rushdi

Geet kahin Sangeet kahin
Nargis Productions Presents
Geet kahin Sangeet kahin
Released on: September 26, 1969
This melodious but flop film was shoot in Lahore but its producer, main actress and directors were from East Pakistan.
Some film critics don't like to list this film in East Pakistani movies, but when film makers (producer and director) are from East Pakistan and Bengali origin as well, then this film most be listed in this category. All movies made after December 16, 1971 by Bengali producer and director in Pakistan, are Pakistani movies.
Some famous Bengali artists who settled in Pakistan after the fall of Dacca are:

  • Nazrul Islam - super hit film director, died in Lahore in 1994.
  • Rahman - hit actor, producer and director, died in Dhaka in 2005.
  • Shabnam - the most super hit Urdu film heroine and her husband
  • Robin Ghosh . renowned Music director, left Pakistan in the beginning of the 90s with Rahman.
  • Runa Laila - playback singer, left Pakistan in 1974
  • Shehanz Begum - Radio TV, film singer, left Pakistan in mid 70s.
  • Deebo - Music director, left Pakistan in the mid 70s
  • Musleh-ud-din - moved to England with his Punjabi origin wife and famous singer Naheed Niazi
  • Naina - actress, appeared in many Dacca-based movies. There could be more in this list..

    The legendry film hero Mohammad Ali never appeared in any Dacca-made film.

    Film Business:
    Karachi: Flop film, 4/18 weeks
    Lahore: ?
    Dacca: ?

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  • Actors Naseema KhanNaseema Khan's debut film wss Nach Ghar in 1963. She played mostly side roles. Her most super hit film was in West Pakistan - Neyi Laila Neya Majnu (1969). She was producer of this film. Her father was a Pathan.
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    Mohammad Ali
    , Adeeb, Saiqa, Roshan, Jamil, Saqi, Shakir and Rangeela
    Producer Naseema Khan
    Director Mohsin
    Music Master Tufail
    Cinamtography Pervez Khan
    Dialouges Rashid Sajid
    Lyrics Tanvir Naqvi
    Singers Madam Noorjehan, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmad Rushdi, Masood Rana, Munir Hussain, Mujeeb Alam, Ustad Salamat Ali and Ustad Nazakat Ali
    Film songs:

    Laaj rakh leejio mori.. Salamat Ali, Nazakat Ali,
    Mehdi Hassan,
    Ab woh baharen kahan, a dil.. Madam Noorjehan
    Yeh Shehar nahin dil walon ka.. Masood Rana
    Geet kahin Sangeet kahin.. Masood Rana
    Itni to na tann, aisay to na bann.. Ahmad Rushdi
    Band na kar abhi Nain.. Mujeeb Alam
    Yahi sahi, yun bhi pyar kar len gay.. Mujeeb Alam

    Dabastan Mehdood
    Released on: May 18, 1970
    The last film of Mustafiz-Ihtesam Brothers and the first Urdu film of Shabana-Razzaq pair..

    Film Business:
    Karachi: Flop film, Nishat cinema
    Lahore: ?
    Dacca: ?

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    Actors Shabana, Razzaq, Javed, Anees
    Producer & Director Ihtesham
    Music Karim Shahabuddin
    Lyrics ?
    Singers Sabina Yasmin, Shehnaz Begum, Masood Rana, Mehmood Elahi
    Film songs:

    Ho.. ball khati Nadia, lehron mein lehraye.. Masood Rana, Sabina Yasmin
    Masti mein jhoomay Gangwa.. Mehmood Elahi, Sabina Yasmin
    Sitaro ne dekho, hawaon na chhero.. Sabina Yasmin
    Chhor Sakhi, laaj mohay aye.. Sabina Yasmin, Shehnaz Begum
    Teri tasvir ankhon say lagaye.. Sabina Yasmin
    Main na janu, pyar wyar.. Sabina Yasmin

    Jaltay Suraj kay Neechay..

    Saadia Movies
    Jaltay Suraj kay neechay
    Urdu - colored
    Released on: Setpember 10, 1971

    This "last East Pakistani film" was made in Lahore and released during the unrest in East Pakistan.
    Dacca fall on December 16, 1971The director name was changed on release. The real director of this film was Zahir Raihan, who joined the traitor, terrorist, criminal and militant organization Mukti Bahini in the civil war in East Pakistan. These so called "freedom fighters" were trained, equipped and brainwashed by the Indians to split Pakistan in two parts. First they made controversy about the Urdu language, which was not from West Pakistan but was a token of unity for all Muslims in the Indian-sub-continent. Then they misguided and misinformed Bengalis for the economical injustice between West- and East Pakistan, which was totally wrong, because due to small in size but with big population, limited resources but consistent natural disasters, Bangladesh (or East Pakistan) always have been a poor territory . Even after 38 years of independence, Bangladesh still is one of the most poorest, corrupt and political unstable country in the World
    (And now they can not blame Pakistan for all their failures..!)
    The heavy military defeat was not only a shameful memory for Pakistan, but also a huge blow for the Islamic history, when Indira Gandhi claimed "Revenge for thousand years Moslem dominance in India" - and it was not possible without the help from traitors like Mujeeb-ur-Rahman & Co. - But the justice was done when the traitors leader was brutally killed by his own Bengali soldiers..!!!
    This is also a great tribute to all martyrs or Shaheeds from Pakistani Army and their helpers who fought an unwanted war against aggressors and traitors. It is also a remembering day for all innocent Bengalis or non-Bengalis, who were killed in this civil war..

    Film Business:
    Karachi: Flop film, 4/20 weeks
    Lahore: ?
    Dacca: ?

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    Actors Rozina, Nadeem, Lehri, Saiqa, Allauddin &
    BabitaBebita was introduced in this film. She became a famous actress and appeared as first heroine with Faisal in Pakistan-Bangladesh co-production film Nadani in 1983.
    Director Nur-ul-Haq (Zahir Raihan)
    Producer Afzal Chodhary
    Lyrics Masroor Anwar
    Music Subal Das

    Mala, Irene Perveen, Ahmad Rushdi

    Film songs:

    Afsana-e-mohabbat, har giz byan na hota.. Ahmad Rushdi
    Zindgi kitni haseen hay, azma kar deikhiye.. Mala
    Socha nahin tha, tera pyar mil jaye ga.. Irene Perveen

    Total movies 1956-71
    A complete list of 224 Dacca-based Urdu and Bengali movies.
    Also co-productions and uncompleted movies are listed here.

    1959 (Total 4 films, 1 Urdu, 3 Bengali)

    1. Jagu hua Sveara
      (Released on 28.5.1959 - flop)
      Khan Ata-ur-Rahman, Tripti

    1962 (Total 5 films, 1 Urdu, 4 Bengali)

    1. Chanda
      (Released on 3.8.1962 - Super hit)
      Sultana Zaman, Rahman, Shabnam

    1963 (Total 5 films, 3 Urdu, 2 Bengali)

    1. Talash
      (Released on 3.5.1963 - Super hit)
      Shabnam, Rahman, Akbar
    2. ach Ghar
      (Released on 4.10.1963 - flop)
      Shabnam, Mustafa, Naseema Khan
    3. reet Na Janay Reet
      (Released on 13.12.1963 - flop)
      Shabnam, Khalil, Mustafa

    1964 (Total 16 films, 9 Urdu, 7 Bengali)

    1. Sangam
      (Released on 23.4.1963 - Hit)
      Rozi, Haroon, Khalil, Sumita
    2. Tanha
      (Released on 29.5.1974 - flop)
      Shamim Ara, Haroon, Naina
    3. Shadi
      (Released on 12.6.1964 - flop)
      Chitra, Deep, Naseema Khan
    4. Yeh Bhi Ek Kahani
      (Released on 26.4.1964 - flop)
      Chitra, Haroon, Hina
    5. Paisay
      (Released on 28.8.1974 - Average)
      Shabnam, Azeem, Subhash Dutta
    6. Bandhan
      (Released on 23.10.1964 - flop)
      Chitra, Mustafa, Anwar Hossain
    7. Millan
      (Released on 4.12.1964 - Super hit)
      Deeba, Rahman, Akbar, Subhash Dutta
    8. Karwan
      (Released on 4.12.1964 - Average)
      Shabnam, Haroon, Tarana
    9. Maalan
      (Released on 25.12.1964 - flop)
      Naseema Khan, Deep, Dear Asghar

    1965 (Total 12 films, 7 Urdu, 5 Bengali)

    1. Kaajal
      (Released on 5.1.1965 - flop)
      Shabnam, Khalil, Subhash Dutta
    2. aagar
      (Released on 12.3.1965 - flop)
      Shabnam, Azeem, Subhash Dutta
    3. ahana
      (Released on 16.4.1965 - Average)
      Kaburi, Rahman, Garj Babu
    4. Kaisay Kahun
      (Released on 3.9.1965 - flop)
      Shabnam, Khalil, Subhash Dutta
    5. Akhri Station
      (Released on 26.12.1965 - Hit)
      Shabnam, Rani, Haroon, Akbar
    6. Mala
      (Released on 3.12.1965 - flop)
      Sultana Zaman, Azeem, Sujata
    7. Saat Rung
      (Released on 17.12.1965 - flop)
      Sultana Zaman, Haroon

    1966 (Total 26 films, 8 Urdu, 18 Bengali)

    1. Ghar ki Laaj
      (Released on 11.3.1966 - flop)
      Atiya, Noushad, Waris, Afshan
    2. jala
      (Released on 11.3.1966 - flop)
      Sultana Zaman, Inaam, Naseema Khan
    3. hir Milen Gay Ham Dono
      (Released on 27.5.1966 - flop)
      Nasneen, Mustafa, Subhash Dutta
    4. Eindhan
      (Released on 2.9.1966 - flop)
      Reshma, Rahman, Inaam, Mustafa
    5. Begana
      (Released on 16.9.1966 - flop)
      Shabnam, Khalil, Naseema Khan
    6. Ponam ki Raat
      (Released on 30.9.1966 - flop)
      Rozi, Akbar, Mehfooz
    7. Bhaiya
      (Released on 14.10.1966 - Super hit)
      Chitra, Waheed Murad, Akbar
    8. Parwana
      (Released on 16.12.1966 - flop)
      Naseema Khan, Hassan Imam

    1967 (Total 23 films, 8 Urdu, 15 Bengali)

    1. Is Dharti par
      (Released on 12.1.1967 - flop)
      Rozi, Haroon, Frida, Mirza Khalil
    2. Nawab Sarajuddola
      (Released on 23.3.1967 - Hit)
      Atiya, Anwar Hossain, Khan Ata-ur-Rahman
    3. Chakori
      (Released on 23.3.1967 - Mega HIT)
      Shabana, Nadeem, Reshma
    4. Darshan
      (Released on 8.9.1967 - Super hit)
      Shabnam, Rahman, Reshma
    5. Chhotay Sahib
      (Released on 13.10.1967 - Hit)
      Shabnana, Nadeem, Sajata
    6. Uljhan
      (Released on 23.11.1967 - flop)
      Rozi, Khalil, Naseema Khan
    7. Hamdam
      (Released on 23.11.1967 - flop)
      Rehana Siddiqi, Khalil, Akbar
    8. Main bhi Insaan hun
      (Only released in East Pakistan)

    1968 (Total 35 films, 8 Urdu, 27 Bengali)

    1. Soye Nadia Jagay Pani
      (Released on 2.1.1968 - flop)
      Kaburi, Hassan Imam, Rozi
    2. Jungli Phool
      (Released on 12.4.1968 - flop)
      Sultana Zaman, Khalil, Suchanda
    3. Jugnu
      (Released on 12.4.1968 - flop)
      Sharmili, Akbar, Dear Asghar
    4. Tum Meray Ho
      (Released on 12.4.1968 - flop)
      Shabnam, Nadeem, Sufia Bano
    5. Chand aur Chandni
      (Released on 12.4.1968 - Average)
      Shabana, Nadeem, Reshma
    6. Gori
      (Released on 17.5.1968 - Average)
      Naseema Khan, Rahman, Meena
    7. Qulli
      (Released on 7.6.1968 - Average)
      Shabana, Nadeem, Azeem
    8. Jahan Bajay Shehnai
      (Released on 25.10.1968 - flop)
      Suchanda, Rahman, Anwar Hossain

    1969 (Total 34 films, 9 Urdu, 25 Bengali)
    1. Shaheed Teetu Mir
      (Released on 21.2.1969 - flop)
      Sujata, Anwar Hossain, Atiya
    2. Jeena bhi Mushkil
      (Released on 14.3.1969 - flop)
      Reshma, Anwar Hossain, Anwara
    3. Daagh
      (Released on 4.4.1969 - flop)
      Shabana, Nadeem, Jalil Afghani
    4. Pyasa
      (Released on 4.4.1969 - Average)
      Suchanda, Rahman, Anwar Hossain
    5. Kangan
      (Released on 15.8.1969 - flop)
      Sangeeta, Rahman, Anwar Hossain
    6. Anari
      (Released on 15.8.1969 - flop)
      Shabana, Nadeem, Jalil Afghani
    7. Meray Arman Meray Sapnay
      (Released on 29.8.1969 - flop)
      Sujata, Azeem, Raj Sultana
    8. Geet Kahin Sangeet Kahin
      (Released on 26.9.1969 - flop)
      Naseema Khan, Mohammad Ali
    9. Ek Zalim Ek Haseena
      (Released on ??? - flop)
      Shamim Ara, ???

    1970 (Total 42 films, 3 Urdu, 39 Bengali)

    1. Maina
      (Released on 27.2.1070 - flop)
      Kaburi, Razzaq, Anwar Hossain
    2. Pail
      (Released on 22.5.1970 - flop)
      Shabana, Razzaq, Javed, Anis
    3. Chalo Maan Geye
      (Released on 22.5.1970 - flop)
      Shabnam, Rahman, Subhash Dutta

    1971 (Total 8 films, 2 Urdu, 6 Bengali)

    1. Mehrban
      (Released on 15.01.1971 - flop)
      Shabana, Razzaq, Sultana
    2. Jaltay Suraj kay neechay
      (Released on 10.9.1971 - flop)
      Rozina, Nadeem, Babita, Lehri, Allauddin

    un-completed movies

    Here is a list of some of un-completed Dacca-based Urdu movies from 1956-71

    1. Footpath
    2. Janam janam ki Pyasi

    Pakistan-Bangladesh Co-productions
    Here is a list of co-productions of Pakistan and Bangladesh, with shared producer, directors or actors (only in main roles).

    1. Nadani
      (Released on 18.9.1983 - hit)
      Faisal (PAK), Babita, Anoja, Zafar Iqbal (BD)
    2. Basera
      (Released on 18.9.1984)
      Nadeem (PAK) Shabana, Shoukat Akbar, Mustafa (BD)
    3. Ham say hay Zamana
      (Released on 8.3.1985)
      Nadeem (PAK) Rozina, Meena Kashi, Mustafa (BD)
    4. Halchal
      (Released on 5.4.1985)
      Nadeem (PAK) Shabana, (BD), Nazan (Turkey)
    5. Zamin Aasman
      (Released on 6.11.1985)
      Nadeem (PAK) Sabeeta (SL), Mustafa (BD)
    6. Hisab
      (Released on 9.6.1986)
      Nadeem (PAK) Rozina (BD)
    7. Ham ek hayn
      (Released on 9.6.1986)
      Javed Sheikh, Salma Agha (PAK) Ilyas Kanjan (BD)
    8. Miss Bengkok
      (Released on 17.8.1986)
      Babra Sharif (PAK) Sheeva (NL), Bhoon Kaisi, Mustafa (BD)
    9. Agar tum na hotay
      (Released on 3.10.1986)
      Faisal (PAK) Anoja, Noutan (BD)
    10. Ham say na takrana
      (Released on 13.2.1989)
      Javed Sheikh (PAK) Anoja, Julia (BD)
    11. Saat Sahelian
      (Released on 6.1.1987)
      Rangeela (PAK) Rozina, Doli, Razzaq, Zeent (BD)
    12. Badla
      (Released on 20.11.2987)
      Nadeem (PAK) Anjna, Bhoon Kaisi (BD)
    13. Meri Adalat
      (Released on 25.7.1988)
      Nadeem (PAK) Sanchurita, Noutan (BD)
    14. Ek jan hayn ham
      (Released on 17.2.1989)
      Javed Sheikh (PAK) Rozina (BD)
    15. Andhi
      (Released on 6.12.1991)
      Nadeem (PAK) Shabana (BD)
    16. Ranjish
      (Released on 29.1.1993)
      Shabnam (PAK), Razzaq, Champa, Zafar Iqbal (BD)
    17. Mazboot
      (Released on 17.9.1993)
      Mustafa Qureshi (PAK) Jani, Anju Ghosh, Rozi (BD)
    18. Janay Anjanay
      (Only released in Bangladesh)
      Mohammad Ali (PAK), Sabeeta (SL), Anjana (BD)

    Pakistani Bengali Movies

    167 Bengali movies were released between 1956-71 in Pakistan.
    Some of Bengali movies were released in West Pakistan as well.


    1. Mukh O Mukhosh


    1. Akash Ar Mati
    2. Edesh Tomar Amar
    3. Matir Pahar


    1. Rajdhanir Buke
    2. Aasia


    1. Harano Din
    2. Je Nodi Moru Pothe
    3. Kokhono Aseni
    4. Tomar Amar

    1. Joaar Elo
    2. Notun Sur
    3. Sonar Kajol
    4. Surjosnan


    1. Dharapat
    2. Kancher Deyal


    1. Dui Digonto
    2. Eito Jibon
    3. Megh Vanga Rod
    4. Onek Diner Chena
    5. Raja Elo Shohore
    6. Sutorang
    7. Sheet Bikel


    1. Ekaler Rupkotha
    2. Godhulir Prem
    3. Janajani
    4. Nodi O Nari
    5. Rupban


    1. 13 No. Feku Ostagar Len
    2. Abar Bonobase Rupban
    3. Apon Dulal
    4. Behula
    5. Dakbabu
    6. Ghor Ki Laz
    7. Gunai
    8. Gunai Bibi
    9. Kagojer Nouka
    10. Kar Bou
    11. Mohua
    12. Rahim Badshah O Rupban
    13. Raja Sonnyasi
    14. Rupban
    15. Son of Pakistan
    16. Ujala
    17. Vawal Sonnyasi
    18. Zarina Sundori


    1. Agun Niye Khela
    2. Alibaba
    3. Anwara
    4. Ayna O Abashista
    5. Bala
    6. Chaoa Paoa
    7. Hiramon
    8. Jongli Meye
    9. Julekha
    10. Kanchon Mala
    11. Moyur Ponkhi
    12. Nayantara
    13. Obhishap
    14. Oporajeo
    15. Saiful Mulk Bodiuzzamal


    1. Abirbhab
    2. Arun Borun Kironmala
    3. Atotuku Asha
    4. Balyobondhu
    5. Banshori
    6. Bhagyachakra
    7. Chena-Ochena
    8. Chompakoli
    9. Chorabali
    10. Dui Bhai
    11. Kunch Boron Konya
    12. Modhumala
    13. Momer Alo
    14. Nishi Holo Bhor
    15. Notun Digonto
    16. Oporichita
    17. Poroshmoni
    18. Rakhal Bondhu
    19. Rup Kumari
    20. Rupbaner Rupkotha
    21. Sheet Bosonto
    22. Shohid Titumir
    23. Sokhina
    24. Songsar
    25. Soptodinga
    26. Suorani Duorani
    27. Saat Bhai Chompa


    1. Agontuk
    2. Alingon
    3. Alomoti
    4. Alor Pipasa
    5. Beder Meye
    6. Bhanu Moti
    7. Gazi Kalu Chompaboti
    8. Joar Bhanta
    9. Mayar Songsar
    10. Moinamoti
    11. Molua
    12. Moner Moto Bou
    13. Mukti
    14. Naginir Prem
    15. Nil Akasher Niche
    16. Notun Name Dako
    17. Notun Phooler Gondho
    18. Obanchito
    19. Padma Nodir Majhi
    20. Palabodol
    21. Paruler Songsar
    22. Patal Purir Rajkonya
    23. Protikar
    24. Shesh Porjonto
    25. Swornokomol


    1. Adorsho Chhapakhana
    2. Akee Onge Ato Rup
    3. Amir Soudagar O Velua Sundori
    4. Anka Banka
    5. Apon Por
    6. Bablu
    7. Bindu Theke Britto
    8. Binimoy
    9. Boro Bou
    10. Chhodmobeshi
    11. Dheu Er Por Dheu
    12. Dip Nebhe Nai
    13. Dorpochurno
    14. Ghurni Jhor
    15. Je Agune Puri
    16. Jibon Theke Neya
    17. Jog Biyog
    18. Ka Kha Ga Gha Umo
    19. Kanch Kata Heere
    20. Kothai Jeno Dekhechhi
    21. Koto Je Minoti
    22. Manush Omanush
    23. Mishor Kumari
    24. Modhumilon
    25. Monimala
    26. Nayika
    27. Notun Probhat
    28. Odhikar
    29. Ontorongo
    30. Peech Dhala Poth
    31. Raj Mukut
    32. Rong Bodlaay
    33. Sadharon Meye
    34. Somapti
    35. Sontan
    36. Surjo Uthar Age
    37. SworoLipi
    38. Taka Ana Pai
    39. Taansen


    1. Amar Bou
    2. Gaayer Bodhu
    3. Jolchhobi
    4. Nacher Putul
    5. Smritituku Thak
    6. Sukh-Dukhkha