Very poor business of Indian movies in Pakistan..
It looks like that the cinema culture in Pakistan is almost over. Indian movies were last hope for survival of cinemas but most of Indian movies released in this year were badly flopped, especially in the main circuit Lahore. Cinemas got moveis but not cine gores.
  • Sana and Fakhar Imam married on December 13.
  • Shamyl Khan married on March 3.
    » Film News 2008

    Eid Day's:
    (16 films; 2 Urdu, 7 Punjabi, 3 Pashto)
    8 films on Eid-ul-Fittar, October 5, 2008
    1 Urdu: Gunahon ki Basti
    3 Punjabi: Zil-e-Shah, Suhagan, Ishq beparwah 4 Pashto: Yarana, Ishq, Zalmei da Pakhtun, Akhar Gunah may sa da
    8 films on Eid-ul-Azha, December 9, 2008
    1 Urdu: Pyasa Badan
    4 Punjabi: Ziddi Badmash, Ghunda Punjab da, Wehshi Ghunda, Loafer
    3 Pashto: Panjor Khonchor day keh, Target, Khair day di Malangat

    Actors: Sawarn Lata, Najma Begum, Nimmi, Akbar, Anwar Solangi, Mehmood Ali, Malik Anokha and Badar Munir
    Film directors: Pervez Malik and Qadeer Ghori
    Music directors: Wajid Ali Nashad
    Poets: Ahmad Faraz

    Remarkable Musical Movies
  • Zil-e-Shah Ramchand Pakistani Suhagan
    ? Productions
    Released on Eid-ul-Fittar Day on October 5, 2008
    The most appreciated film of the year was actually the second part of block buster film Majajan..
    The story
    Even though Kulsoom (Noor) is engaged to Sarwar Shah (Babar Butt) since childhood, she is deeply in love with Zill-e-Shah (Shan). When Kulsoom's marriage is discussed, she plainly refuses to marry Sarwar Shah, thus declaring her fondness for Zille instead. Consequently the matter is taken to Pir Sahib (Mustafa Qureshi) a widely respected figure in the village, who decides in favour of Sarwar Shah. Kulsoom's fate is seemingly sealed, but Zille doesn't accept it and kills Sarwar in an encounter.
    Zill-e-ShahHe is sent to jail but is let out on the terms that Kulsoom marries Abid Shah (Shafqat Cheema), the elder brother of his foe Sarwar Shah, Kulsoom protests over this injustice, but her crying comes to naught and she ends her life on her wedding night, choosing death over having a man other than Zill-e-Shah as husband.
    Zill-e-Shah is mortified by this tragic incident and he changes his lifestyle completely. He becomes more diabolical; he takes up drinking and starts visiting a Heer Mandi (Dancing girls).
    The dancer is Sitara (Saima), who is the proverbial courtesan with a heart of gold. She becomes the balm for his wounds and encourages his poetry. Obviously, the two fall in love.
    Enter Abid Shah, who also wants to win her over. Secondly Pir Sahib himself also creates hurdles in Zill-e-Shah and Sitara's wedding plans. Zille's mother is furious over this decision because she wonders how society will accept the fact that her daughter-in-law to be is a dancing girl. Abid Shah and his men try to abduct Sitara but Zille puts up a brave front of resistance. Finally both Sitara and Zille are killed (holding hands) and united in death proving Amor vincit omnia (love conquers all).
    Film trailer

    Film Business

    Lahore: ?
    Karachi: ?
    Actors Shaan, Saima, Noor, Mustafa Qureshi, Nayyar Ejaz, Deba Begum, Shafqat Cheema
    Producer Fyaz Khan
    Director Shaan
    Story & dialogs Pervez Kaleem
    Photography ?
    Music Zulfiqar Ali
    Lyricist ?
    Singers Saima Jehan, Touseef Daar
    Film songs:
    Bey adabi... ?
    Mar na jawan.. ?
    Maye ni saday... ?
    Maye ni saday.. (2) ?
    Mere bhag jagawan.. ?
    Piplan di chhanwen, kadi beh jawen... Saima Jehan,
    Touseef Daar
    Saanu Ishq hoya... ?
    Vay Tariyo.. ?

    Ramchand Pakistani
    J.J. Media Privat Ltd. & Fire Record
    Ramchand Pakistani
    Released on August 4, 2008
    The film story
    Ramchand Pakistani is derived from a true story concerning the accidental crossing of the Pakistan-Indian border during a period (June 2002) of extreme, war-like tension between the two countries by two members of a Pakistani Hindu family belonging to the Ramchand Pakistani'untouchable' (Dalit) caste, and the extraordinary consequences of this unintended action upon the lives of a woman, a man, and their son.
    The singular theme of the film is how a child from Pakistan aged eight years learns to cope with the trauma of forced separation from his mother while being held prisoner, along with his father in the jail of a country i.e. India, which is hostile to his own, while on the other side of the border, the wife-mother, devastated by their sudden disappearance builds a new chapter of her life, by her solitary struggle for sheer survival.
    The film portrays the lives of a family that is at the bottom of a discriminatory religious ladder and an insensitive social system, which is nevertheless tolerant, inclusive and pluralist. The irony is compounded by the fact that such a family becomes hostage to the acrimonious political relationship between two neighbor-states poised on the brink of war.

    Film Business

    Lahore: ?
    Karachi: ?
    Actors Nindia Das, Rashid Farooqi, Noman Ejaz, Syed Afzal Hussain, Navaid Jabbar, Maria Wasti, Shahood Alvi, Adnan Shah...
    Producer & Writer Javed Jabbar (Musafar 1976 fame)
    Director Mehrin Jabbar
    Screenplay Mohammad Ahmad
    Creative consultant Mariam Mukaty
    Musik Debajyoti Mishra
    Lyrics Anwar Maqsood
    Cinematography Sofian Khan
    Singers Shubha Mudgal, Shafqat Amanat Ali khan
    Film songs:
    Phir wohi rastay, phir wohi rehuzar Safqat Amanat Ali Khan

    Al-Murtaza Productions
    (Punjabi - Colour)
    Released on: Eid-ul-Fittar, October 5, 2008
    Film Business

    Lahore: ?
    Karachi: ?
    Actors Nargis, Shaan, Babar Ali, Naghma, Shafqat Cheema, Tariq Shah
    Producer Syed Zubair Hussain Shah
    Director & dialogs Pervez Rana
    Music ?
    Story ?
    Lyrics ?
    Photography ?
    Singers Naseebo Lal
    Film songs:
    Babul merian Gudian, tere Ghar reh geyan Naseebo Lal

    Total 37 Released Films

    Flop Urdu films
    1. Anjam
      Shaan, Farzeen, Veena, Nisho
    2. Kabhi pyar na karna
      Zara Sheikh, Moamar Rana, Niha
    3. Khulay Aasaman kay neechay
      Sana, Saleem Sheikh, Nadeem
    4. Gunhaon ki Basti
      Anjuman Shehzadi, Ahmad Butt
    5. Ramchand Pakistani
      Nindia Das, Rashid Farooqi, Syed Afzal
    6. Pyasa Badan
      Laila, Nida Chodhary, Ahmad Butt

    Hit Punjabi films

    1. Zill-e-Shah
      Saima, Shaan, Noor, Shafqat Cheema
    2. Suhagan
      Nargis, Shaan, Shafqat Cheema
    3. Basanti
      Saima, Shaan, Shamyl Khan
    4. Ziddi Badmash
      Laila, Momar Rana, Saud, Babar Ali

    Flop Punjabi films
    1. Gulabo
      Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali
    2. Mahi Sohna
      Sana, Moamar Rana, Sara
    3. Khoufnak
      Asha Ilvi, Shaan, Sana
    4. Shah Jee
      Saima, Hinan, Imran Khan, Shahid
    5. Sarkari Raj
      Saima, Shaan
    6. Ishq beparwah
      Veena Malik, Moamar Rana
    7. Ghunda Punjab da
      Saima, Shaan
    8. Wehshi Ghunda
      Saima, Shaan
    9. Loufer

    Pastho films
    1. Inkar-o-Mohabbat
    2. Rab day mal sheh
    3. Sharabi
      Arbaz Khan, Asifa, Ajab, Sidra
    4. Sharif Badmash
      Arbaz Khan...
    5. Khawar meh sheh Ashna
    6. I Love You
    7. Akhar Gunah may sa da
    8. Yarana
      Arbaz Khan, Shahid Khan...
    9. Ishq
    10. Shah Zalmi
    11. Zalmei da Pakhtun
    12. Da Pakhtun khawar
    13. Target
      Babar Ali
    14. Pakhor khu Pakhor day kana
    15. Khair day di Malangat
    16. Zargeye may sho Pagal
    17. Da Mohabat na hay meh touba
    18. Pakhoriye Lahoriye
      Shaan, Shahid Khan...

    19 Indian films were released in Pakistani
    cinemas in 2008. (Bold text are hit movies):

    1. Welcome
    2. Color
    3. Bhagam Bhag
    4. Race
    5. Taray Zamin par
    6. You, Me & Ham
    7. Bhoot Nath
    8. Jannat
    9. Love Story 2050
    10. Qismat Connection
    11. Singh is King
    12. Kidnap
    13. Hello
    14. Gangster
    15. Qarz
    16. Golmaal
    17. Returns
    18. Dostana
    19. Yovraj