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Pakistan Film Magazine is providing some golden memories from the past in this monthly series. You can read figures and facts, debutantes, obituaries, watch & listen to the ever green Urdu and Punjabi film songs and see some memorable film posters from this month.

The Film Poster of the Month
It was a common practice to re-design the original film posters for re-realsing of old movies like Bedari (1957) famous film Bedari (first released on 3.12.1957, see the original poster here). A beautiful poster was created with the background of Pakistani flag and the main character of the film Rattan Kumar in the middle. The founder of the country Qauid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Quad-e-millat Liaquat Ali Khan, President (1958-69) General Mohammad Ayub Khan and few Nishan-e-Haider holders were added to the poster. ironically, this film was a carbon copy of an Indian film..Lambay Hath Qanoon day (1974)
The another example is a poster from film Lambay Hath Qanoon Day (released on 13.12.1974), which was not an original name for this film. Actually, it was cheating by the producer, because it was an old film Jani Dushman (released on 29.9.1967), which was re-released with new name and a hand written label on film Jani Dushman's posters..!
Some memorable film poster's from movies released in December month..
Gabroo (1950) Mazloom (1959) Akhri Nishan (1959) Saheli (1960) Muftbar (1961) Daku ki Larki (1960) Gulfam (1961) Speran (1961) Farangi (1964) Malangi (1965) Abba Jee (1966) Aina (1966) Taj Mehal (1968) Chan Chodhvin da (1968) Anch (1969) Baharen phi bhi ayen gi (1969) Thah (1972) Ehsas (1972) Umrao Jan Ada (1972) Dharti Sheran di (1973) Jhalli (1973) Vichhrian Sathi (1973) Tera Gham rayah salamat (1974) Hasday ao hasday jao (1974) Khabardar (1976) Jadoo (1976) Sultana Daku (1975) Do Dost (1976) Musa Khan (2011) Budha Gujjar (2002)

Facts from December month

Director Anwar Kemal's Urdu film Ghabroo and Haidar Shah's Urdu film Amanat were released on December 21, 1950. These two movies were first released movies in this month.

Artists from West Pakistan (Madam Noorjehan, Deeba etc.) showed Millan (1964)sympathy with Bengali film hero - Rehman - from East Pakistan, and worked without any penny for his hit film Millan (released on 4.12.1964). Rehman lost his leg in an car accident during the shooting of this film.

Mala (1965)Mala was the first ever cinema scope Urdu film in Pakistan, which was produced in Dhaka, East Pakistan by director Mustafiz (relased on 3.12.1965).

The first Eid-ul-Fittar was celebrated in this month was on December 22, 1968. Actually, it was the second Eid-ul-Fittar in 1968 (for both 1387 and 1388 hijri's).
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Director Jafar Malik's film Punj Darya (released on 22.12.1968) was first ever coloured Punjabi film in Pakistan. It was also the only colour movie of Akmal, who never watched it, because he died before the release of this film.

The second Eid-ul-Azha in 1974 (1393 and 1394 hijri) was celebrated on December 25, 1974..
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Shama (1974)It was first time when three top Urdu film heroes - Mohammad Ali, Waheed Murad and
Nadeem were together in director Nazar Shabab's super hit Urdu film Shama (released on 25.12.1974)
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Dulhan ek raat ki (1975)Director Mumtaz Ali Khan's Urdu film Dulhan Ek Raat Ki(released on 12.12.1975) was the only diamond jubilee super hit film for the Pashto film hero legend Badar Munir. Nimmi was his heroine.

Famous TV artist Irfan Khoost produced and directed his only super hit film Direct Hawaldar (released on 13.12.1985)۔ This film was inspired by a very famous TV play Andhera Ujala written by Younis Javed.

Famous actor and director Syed Kemal made a film Siyasat (released on 12.12.1986) on his failed experience from his participating in the 1985-elections.

Debutant's in December month
Some famous discoveries in December month..
Yasmin in Amant (1950)Rani in film Mehboob (1962)Zubaida Khanum in Billo (1950)Yasmin Khan in Yousuf Khan Sher Bano (1970)Shaista Qaisar in Maa tay Maa (1970)Javed Sheikh in Dhamak (1974)Tahira Naqvi in Badaltay Mousam (1980)
Yasmin & Darpan in Amanat (1950), Shamim in Gabroo (1950), Zubaida Khanum in Billo (1951), Rattan Kumar in Bedari (1957), Mazhar Shah in Mazloom (1959), Yasmin Khan & Nemat Sarhadi in Yousuf Khan Sher Bano (1970), Shaistan Qaisar & Subhani Bayounis in Maa tay Maa (1970), Ishrat Chodhary & Umar Draz in Darra Khaibar (1971), Shahwnawaz in Man ki jeet (1972), Sajan in Anhoni (1973), Khanum in Dhian Nimania (1973), Javed Sheikh in Dhamaka (1974), Gori in Zara si baat (1982), Sushma Shai in Zamin Asman (1985), Tahira Naqvi in Badaltay Mousam (1980), Ismat Tahira in Teray Ghar kay samnay (1984), Iram Hassan & Saleem Sheikh in Qasm (1993)
Inaugural movies in Pashto, Siraiki, Gujarati & English
Yousuf Khan Sher Bano (released on 1.12.1970) was the first ever Pashto film and Badar Munir and Yasmin Khan were the first pair in this memorable Pashto film. Nazir Hussain was producer and Aziz Tabassum was director.
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The first ever Gujarati film in Pakistan was Maa tay Maa, which was also released on December 1st, 1970. Producer was Qadeer Khan, director Iqbal Akhtar and the main pair was Shaista Qaisar and Agha Sajjad.

Bhatti Pictures film Dhian Nimanian (released on 7.12.1973) was the first ever Siraiki film in Pakistan..
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The first ever Pakistan made English film Beyond The Last Mountain was relaesed on 17.12.1976..
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Urdu song of the Month
تیری ذات ہے مظہر نور خدا
The all time best film singer Madam Noorjehan (died in this month on 23.12.2000) sang for almost every music directors in Pakistani movies. Legendry music director Rasheed Attray (died in this month on 18.12.1967) composed many super hit songs for her. Here is one Naat from director Khalil Qaisar's super hit film Farangi (released in this month on 18.12.1964). Shamim Ara & Co. are on screen.
Punjabi song of the Month
کدوں آویں گا مہاراں موڑ کے
Baba G.A. Chishti (died in this month on December 27, 1994) was the father of Punjabi film music. He composed a lot of songs for Pakistani movies. Here is a song with Madam Noorjehan in film Sajjan Pyara (released in this month on 22.12.1968). Saloni, Farida and Kaifee are on the screen.

Pakistan Film Magazine presented a monthly "Obituary-Calender" on late artists in 2011. Now you can click on image below to find all updated late artists from a dynamic database..
Obituaries intro in Urdu Madam Noorjehan died on December 23, 2000 Aziz Mian died on December 6, 2000 Roshan Ara Begum died on December 5, 1982 Ustad Daaman died on december 3, 1984
Izhar Qazi died on December 24, 2007 Ilyas Kashmiri died on December 12, 2007 Rasheed Attray died on December 18, 1967 Baba Chishti died on December 27, 2011
Some memorable movies released in December month

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