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Pakistan Film Magazine is providing some golden memories from the past in this monthly series. You can read figures and facts, debutantes, obituaries, watch & listen to the ever green Urdu and Punjabi film songs and see some memorable film posters from this month.

The Film Poster of the Month
The poster of film Ek Raat (1972). A beautiful look of Deeba, who was known for her Mona-Lisa-type-smile. Sangeeta is in the background with a romantic scenery. This musical film was Ek Raat (1972)produced by actor Abbas Nosha and and directed by Jameel Akhtar. It was debut film of Shahid as solo hero. The Ghazal King Mehdi Hassan sang Ahmad Fraz ghazal "Ik baar chalay ayo, phir aa kay chalay jana.." which was a mega hit ghazal. Nashad was music composer.

Listen to the Ghazal
Some memorable film poster's from movies released in September month..
Shera (1959) Banjaran (1962) Pegham (1964) Phool Aur Kantay (1964) Heer Syal (1965) Badnam (1966) BankiNar Darshan (1967) Mera Veer (1967) Jani Dushman (1967) Chhotay Sahib (1967) BauJee (1968) Paristan (1968) Dhol Jani (1968) Saiqa (1967) Mera Ghar meri Jannat (1968) Geet kahin Sangeet kahin (1969) Teray ishq nachaya (1969) Rangeela (1970) Najma (1970) Att Khuda Da Vair (1970) Chiragh kahan Roshni kahan (1971) Jaltay Suraj Kay Neechay (1971) Bhai Bhai (1972) Dukh Sajna Day (1972) Doulat Tay Ghairat (1972) Angaray (1972) Zakhmi (1973) Jurm Tay Nafrat (1974) Ann Data (1976) Akh lari bado badi (1977) Raju Rocket (1978) Playboy (1978) Chorun Qutab (1983)

Facts from September month

First Eid-ul-Azha was celebrated on September 24, 1950, but it was not before 28.9.1982 when any film was released on this occasion.
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Nadira and Inayat Hussain Bhatti in film Jallan (1955)The legendry artist Inayat Hussain Bhatti was seen in a leading role in director Shabab Keranvi's debut Urdu film Jallan on September 2, 1955. New face Nadira was heroine.

Sudhir in Baghi (1956)The legendry film hero Sudhir became "An Action Hero" from director Ashfaq Malik's super hit Urdu film Baghi on September 14, 1956. It was the first ever Pakistani film released in China.
It was also the maiden film of action legend hero Sultan Rahi.

Ejaz and HabibTwo Punjabi movies Shera and Suchay Moti were released on September 11, 1959. Ejaz and Habib were heroes in these movies. There are some amazing similarities in these two heroes film careers..
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Two all time greatest playback singers in Pakistani movies - Ahmad Rushdi and Masood Ahmad Rushid and Masood RanaRana - got breakthrough from films Mehtab (7.9.1962) and Banjaran (14.9.1962), respectively. Rushdi was popular in Urdu movies and Rana was dominating in both Urdu and Punjabi movies.

AliZebThe legendry artists Zeba and Mohammad Ali were seen as film pair in film Head Constable first time on 25.9.1965.
Their last film as pair Mohabbat ho to aisi was also released in this month on 8.9.1989.

Waheed Murad and Aliya in Mastana Mahi (1971)The legendry hero Waheed Murad produced and acted in his first ever Punjabi film Mastana Mahi in this month (24.9.1971).

Ajj Da MehinwalThe legendry film comedian Munawar Zarif was seen as first hero in director Haidar Chodhary's Punjabi film Ajj da Mehinwal on 14.9.1973. Aliya was his heroine.

The first Eid-ul-Fittar in September month was celebrated on 28.9.1976.
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The first Punjabi cinema-scope film Lakkha was released on September 22, 1978.

Anjuman and Ejaz in film Kaliar (1984)The legend film hero Ejaz was seen as hero in his last film Kaliar (1984). Anjuman was his heroine.

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Debutant's in September month
Some famous discoveries in September month..
Sultan Rahi in Baghi (1956)Diljeet Mirza in Jallan (1955)Tamanna in Pegham (1964)Shaan in Bulandi (1990)Reema in Bulandi (1990)
Shammi & Babbo in Shammi (1950), Diljeet Mirza in Jallan (1955), Sultan Rahi & Rehman Verma in Baghi (1956), Hameed Weyn in Mehtab (1962), Mehmood Ali in Banjaran (1962), Tamanna in Pegham (1964), Seema in Mehkhana (1964), Sabeeta in Kabhi Alwida na Kehna (1983), Sikandar Shaheen in Bobby (1984), Reema and Shaan in Bulandi (1990)


Director Munshi Dil's Urdu film Shammi was first released film in September month (19.9.1950). Actress Shammi became the first ever actress to play the title role in her own name and on her debut. She was younger sister of famous actress Salma Mumtaz. Santosh was hero of this average film, which was produced by famous classical singer Malka Pukhraj and her husband Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah (TV/Radio singer Tahira Syed's parents).Rangeela (1970)

The multitalented artist Rangeela became the first ever male artist in Pakistan, who played the title role of his own name in film Rangeela in this month (18.9.1970). He was hero, producer, director, writer, singer and lyricist of this film.

Sabeeta in Kabhi Alwida na kehna (1983)Sabeeta was first foreign heroine from Sri Lanka, whose film Bobby celebrated diamond jubilee. Javed Sheikh was hero and Mohammad Ali played a supporting role.
Salma Agha sang her only hit Urdu song in this film.

Urdu song of the Month
آج یہ کس کو نظر کے سامنے پاتا ہوں میں
Fazal Hussain (died on Sep 26, 1992) basically was a Radio singer. He sang many film songs and this was his all time best Urdu song in film Toofan (1955). Saif-ud-din Saif wrote this beautiful song, which was composed by Baba Chisthi. Sudhir and Sabiha are on screen.

Punjabi song of the Month
ہتھ جوڑا پکھیاں دا ، نالے ساڈا ماہی لگدا تے نالے چانن اکھیاں دا

Naseem Begum (died on Sep 29, 1971) and Munir Hussain (died on Sep 27, 1995) were top playback singers in Pakistani movies. They sang many solo and duets in both Urdu and Punjabi movies. This is a Mahiya song - a typical Punjabi music genre in the composition of Baba G.A.Chishti in film Channan Akhian da (1971). Legend pair Firdous and Ejaz are in this video.
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Some memorable movies released in September month