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Khabrain, Lahore Newspaper

Khabrain, Lahore

Daily Urdu Newspaper
Khabrain is a popular Urdu newspaper from Lahore and some other cities..
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eMailCall to Khabrain, Lahore
Phone Call to Khabrain, Lahore Newspaper111-55-88-55
Address Postal address of Khabrain, Lahore Newspaper12-Lawrance Road, Lahore
Media Group Media group of Khabrain, Lahore NewspaperKhabrain Media Group
Founder Founder of Khabrain, Lahore NewspaperZia Shahid
Established Established date of Khabrain, Lahore NewspaperSaturday, 26 September, 1992
Status Status of Khabrain, Lahore NewspaperRunning

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