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Kashmir Hamara Hay - The first documentary film in Pakistani cinemas

Friday, 23 July, 1948
Kashmir Hamara Hay - The first documentary film in Pakistani cinemas

Kashmir Hamara Hay was the first ever released film on any Pakistani cinema.

But it was a documentary film and not a feature film. A journalist from Delhi Rafiq Chamman was producer of this film on Kashmir issue. This film was released on July 23, 1948 in Qaiser Cinema Lahore.

It is also claimed that famous film actor Naeem Hashmi made the first documentary film as Inqalab-e-Kashmir in 1948, which was only screened for a single show on Ritz cinema Lahore. A famous patriotic song in this film was penned by Naeem Hashmi..

  • Salam A Qaid-e-Azam, Teri Azmat Hay Painda,
    Tera Parcham Hay Tabinda, Tera Pegham Hay Zinda..

It is said that it was played as National Anthem in cinemas before Hafeez Jalandhry's Pak Sar Zamin Shadbad.. was selected as National Anthem of Pakistan in 1954.

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First film studio in Pakistan inaugurated..

Monday, 16 February, 1948
First film studio in Pakistan inaugurated..

The first ever film studio in Pakistan, Pancholi Film Studio on Upper Mall Road Lahore was inaugurated on February 16, 1948.

It was owned by Seith Dalsukh M. Pancholi (1906-59), who was first film importer and distributor of Hollywood movies in the Northern India (now Pakistan). He was also producer and director of famous Lahore made movies like Gul Bakavli (1939), Yamla Jatt (1940) and Khazanchi (1941).

After partition, he migrated to India and his manager Divan Sardari Lal took over. He was producer of first Pakistani released film Teri Yaad in this year but film 2 Kinaray was first film to start in this studio. in 1952, Pancholi studio was alloted to a famous ghazal and folk singer Malika Pukhraj and became Malika Studio. Then it was rent to some other parties and its name was also changed as Jawidan Studio, later it was sold by Malika Pukhraj and it became Upper Mall Scheme with lot of houses.

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