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Total 5 released films

(0 Hindi/Urdu, 0 Punjabi and 5 Silent movies)

0 Online movies from 1917

(0 Hindi/Urdu, 0 Punjabi, 0 Silent films)

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0 Punjabi films from 1917

0 Lahore made movies from 1917

Debuted artists in 1917

An alphabetically list of all debuted artists in 1917 movies..

Artist Category First film

Artists born in 1917

An alphabetically list of all born artists in 1917

Artist Date of birth Category
Dukhi PremnagriThursday, 1 March, 1917Film poet and journalist
Nizam DinMonday, 15 January, 1917Radio artist

An alphabetically list of 5 released films in 1917

(Chronical order)
1.1917: Lanka Dahan
2.1917: Prahlad Charitra
3.1917: Raja Harishchandra
4.1917: Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra
5.1917: Unknown Silent 1
(Alphabetically order)
1.Lanka Dahan
2.Prahlad Charitra
3.Raja Harishchandra
4.Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra
5.Unknown Silent 1

Film Music from 1917 movies

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