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Debuted artists in 1916

An alphabetically list of all debuted artists in 1916 movies..

Artist Category First film

Artists born in 1916

Ahmad Nadeem QasmiAhmad Nadeem Qasmi
Lutfullah KhanLutfullah Khan

An alphabetically list of all born artists in 1916

Artist Date of birth Category
Ahmad Nadeem QasmiMonday, 20 November 1916Poets/Writers
Lutfullah KhanSaturday, 25 November 1916Radio/TV/Stage
Mohammad Hanif AzadMonday, 16 October 1916Supporting actor

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Film posters from 1916

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0 Punjabi films from 1916

0 Lahore made films from 1916

0 Muslim stories films from 1916

0 Folk stories films from 1916

1 released films in 1916

(An alphabetically list)
1.Tilak's Week

Film Music from 1916 movies

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Song list from 1916

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