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Lahore film industry after the partition..

Saturday, 7 August, 1948
Lahore film industry after the partition..
Lahore was the third main film center in the sub-Continent after Bombay and Calcutta, and there were many Hindi/Urdu or Punjabi movies under production in Lahore in 1947. Here are some under production movies before partition..

  1. Hamari Galian (incomplete)
  2. Bichhray Baalam (incomplete)
  3. Rustum Suhrab (incomplete)
  4. RC
  5. Birhan (incomplete)
  6. Ek Roz

Director Luqman's Urdu film Shahida was actually the first Pakistani film, which was started before partition and released in 1949. After partition, 2 Kinaray was the inaugural film production by Ashiq Bhatti. Jihad was the second film by Zahoor Raja, which was released in 1950 and Teri Yaad was the third film.

This inaugural film, Teri Yaad introduced some big names; Asha Poslay was a not a successful film heroin, but got fame as side-heroine and comedian in the 1950s and later as a supporting actress. Nazar was first super star comedian in Pakistani movies. Daud Chand became first director of first golden jubilee film Sassi in 1954. Qateel Shafai and Tanvir Naqvi were legendary lyricists. Munawar Sultana got fame as playback singer. Raza Mir started as a top cinematography and later became film director. Pyaray Khan as lebortary incharge and Z.A. Baig as sound recordist got fame.

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