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Urdu film

Jago Hua Savera

Released date: Friday, 29 May, 1959

Color: Black & White

Genre: Art film, decade

Film company: Century Films Karachi & Films De Lite London

Made in Dacca, East Pakistan

Box office: Flop

Film director
Title role(s):

Jago Hua Savera (Day Shall Dawn) was the first ever Urdu film from Dacca, East Pakistan. It was made by a Lahore team with director Aaejay Kardar (who was relative of Abdur Rasheed Kardar - the first actor and director from Lahore). Screenplay and songs were penned by legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Ataur Rahman (Anees) was hero, who became producer, director and music director in many Urdu movies from East Pakistan. Tripti Mitra (heroine) was from India. Zurain was a supporting actor and appeared in few other Pakistani films as well.

This film was filmed at Saitnol, on the banks of river Meghna, which is 30 miles south from Dacca, then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

Film review

Insightful and impressive as a first feature film from East Pakistan, Jago Hua Savera deals with the struggles of an impoverished family living in a fishing village. Director Asejay Kardar keeps the mood simple, serious and straightforward as the family members are shown trying to get money to buy the boat they need. The hopelessness of their objective is graphically underscored by the conditions in which they live, and the self-interest of the local moneylender whose purpose in life is to increase his coffers rather than lend a helping hand.

Film business

It was a flop film on box office and was only released in Karachi's Jubilee cinema. But this film won few International awards around the world, especially the gold medal in Moscow Film Festival. This film was recently (December 2007) released in a Continents Film Festival in France and it was discovered - not from Pakistan or Bangladesh - but from a film caller in London by festival administrator Mr. Jildo Filip.

Main artists in film

Jago Hua Savera

(Urdu - 1959)

The film poster
The film poster
Film intro in Urdu
Film intro in Urdu
Film songs in Urdu
Film songs in Urdu
Watch film

Jago Hua Savera

(Urdu - 1959)
Credit: Mister Bajwa on YouTube
Film credits of

Jago Hua Savera

(Urdu - 1959)
ActorsTripti Mitra (India), Anees, Zurain, Shamsun Mihar, Kazi Khaliq, Latif, Ama, Rakhsi, (childs: Maina, Manu, Panu)
Director(s)Aaejay Kardar (also screenplay)
Producer(s)Nauman Taseer
Writer(s)Manik Bandopadhaya (novel), (story, dialouges: Faiz Ahmad Faiz)
Musician(s)Timir Baran (India)
Poet(s)Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Singer(s)Altaf Mehmood, Rahat Ghaznavi, Neelofar, Mehbooba Hasnat
CameraWalter Lassally (UK), ass: Sadhan Roy
Other'sAss. directors: Shanti Kumar Chatterji, Zahir Rehan
Music assistents: Rahat Ghaznavi, Tauman Taseer
Sound: John Flethcer
Editor: Bill Bouvet

Music of film

Jago Hua Savera

(Urdu - 1959)

Ab Kya Dekhen Rah Tumhari, Beet Chali Hay Raat..

Singer(s): Rahat Ghaznavi
Music: Tamar Barn
Poet: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Actor(s): ?

Bhoor Hui Ghar Aao Majhi, Bhoor Hui Ghar Aao..

Singer(s): Rahat Ghaznavi, Neelofar, Altaf Mehmood
Music: Tamar Barn
Poet: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Actor(s): ?

Doob Geya Din, Shaam Dhali, So Geyi Dunya..

Singer(s): Altaf Mehmood
Music: Tamar Barn
Poet: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Actor(s): ?

Moti Ho Keh Sheesha Ho, Jo Toot Geya, So Toot Geya..

Singer(s): Mehbooba Hasnat
Music: Tamar Barn
Poet: Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Actor(s): ?

Box office reports of film

Jago Hua Savera

(Urdu - 1959)
Lahore circuit

Released date: ?

Film status: ?

Weeks: ?

Karachi circuit

Released date: Friday, 29 May, 1959

Film status: ?

Weeks: ?

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