Playback singer

Asad Amanat Ali Khan

He was a classical and ghazal singer but also sang some hit songs in movies..
Asad Amanat Ali Khan - Playback singer - He was a classical and ghazal singer but also sang some hit songs in movies..
Some facts about Asad Amanat Ali Khan
Real name
Active career
Life 25-09-1955 - 08-04-2007
Born at Lahore
Profession Music

He was introduced in film Shama-e-Mohabbat (1977) by music director M. Ashraf. He had a very short period in movies but these songs were popular:

  • Tu Shama-e-Mohabbat Hay, Main Hun Tera Parvana.. (film Sham-e-Mohabbat 1977)
  • Ankehn Ghazal Hayn Aap Ki Aur Hont Hayn Gulab.. (film Shaheli 1978)
  • Awaz Woh Jadu Sa Jagati Hui Awaz.. (film Shaheli 1978)
  • Kya Gulbadni Hay.. (film Abhi To Main Jawan Hun 1978)
  • Peepal Ki Chhayan, Sajna Nay Behyan.. (with Mehnz film Barat 1978)
  • Ayo Ik Doosray Say Juda Ho Kay Dekhen.. (with Mehnaz film Tarana 1979)
  • Tu Meray Pyar Ka Geet Hay.. (film Awaz 1979)

Asad Amanat Ali Khan belongs to the famous musical family Patiala Gharana. His father Ustad Amanat Ali Khan was a legendary singer and his uncles Fateh Ali Khan and Hamid Ali Khan are to big names as classical singers.

He was born on September 25, 1955 at Lahore and died on April 8, 2007 in London.

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