Film heroine


Zeba was a gorgeous and graceful actress in Pakistan..
Zeba - Film heroine - Zeba was a gorgeous and graceful actress in Pakistan..
Some facts about Zeba
Real name Shaheen Bano
First film Charagh Jalta Raha (Urdu - 1962)
Active career1962-89
Life 09-10-1945 -
Born at Ambala, India
Language Urdu
Profession Acting
Relations Mohammad Ali (husband)
Sudhir (ex-husband)

Zeba was introduced in film Charagh Jalta Raha in 1962. Her first successful hero was Kemal with films like Touba and Ashiyana in 1964. Latter, she was seen with Sudhir in few films and got married with him for a short while. She was also successful with Waheed Murad and their big film was Armaan (1966). She married Mohammad Ali in 1966 and her pair with him was one of the most successful film pair in Urdu films. Insan Aur Aadmi (1970) and Insaf Aur Qanoon (1971) were some of unforgettable films of this pair. She was seen in her last film Mohabbat Ho To Aisi in 1989.

Zeba (Shaheen Bano) was born on September 10, 1940 at Ambala, India.


    Khursheed Abdullah

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