Tanvir Naqvi

He was the senior most film lyricist in Pakistan
Tanvir Naqvi - Lyricist - He was the senior most film lyricist in Pakistan
Some facts about Tanvir Naqvi
Real name Syed Khursheed Ali
First film Teri Yaad (Urdu - 1948)
Active career
Life 06-02-2019 - 01-11-1972
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Writting
Relations Maya Devi and Eidan Bai (wives), Noorjahan (sister-in-law)

Tanvir Naqvi was a legendary film poet. He started as song writer in the 1940s in Bombay and got fame with some mega hit songs in big movies like Anmol Garhi (1946) and Jugnu (1947)..

  • Awaz Day Kahan Hay, Dunya Meri Jawan Hay.. (Noorjahan, Surindra)
  • Jawan Hay Mohabbat, Haseen Hay Zamana.. (Noorjahan)
  • Aa Ja Meri Barbad Mohabbat Kay Saraharay.. (Noorjahan)
  • Yehan Badla Wafa Ka Bewafai Kay Siwa Kya Hay.. (Mohammad Rafi, Noorjahan)

After partition, Tanvir Naqvi penned songs for the first Pakistani film Teri Yaad in 1948. Anar Kali (1958), Koel, Neend (1959), Ayaz (1960), Mousiqar (1962), Chingari, Haveli (1964), Sarhad, Badnam (1966), Att Khuda da Vair (1970) and Dosti (1971) were some of his big musical films..

Tanvir Naqvi was married to actresses Maya Devi and Madam Noorjahan's elder sister Eidan Bai. His real name was Syed Khurshid Ali. He was born on February 6, 1919 in Lahore and died on November 1st, 1972.


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