Film director, producer, writer

Anwar Kemal Pasha

He was pioneer of Pakistani film industry..
Anwar Kemal Pasha - Film director, producer, writer - He was pioneer of Pakistani film industry..
Some facts about Anwar Kemal Pasha
Real name
First film Shahida (Urdu - 1949)
Active career
Life - 13-10-87
Born at Lahore
Profession Film making

Anwar Kemal Pasha made some big movies as producer, director and screenplay writer in the 1950s. Ghulam (1953), Gumnam (1954), Qatil, Inteqam (1955), Sarfarosh and Chann Mahi (1956), Anar Kali (1958) etc were some of his master pieces. Most of these moives were based on stories from his famous novel-writer father Hakeem Ahmad Shujaa, whoes novel Baap Ka Gunah was filmed as 2 Aansoo (1950) and he was assistant director to Murtaza Jeelani in this first silver jubilee Urdu film in Pakistan.

Anwar Kemal Pasha was introduced as dialogue, screenplay writer and assistent film director in film Shahida (1949). He also wrote story of Pakistan's first blockbuster film Dulla Bhatti in 1956 and supervised the production of this film. He was also producer of one another blockbuster film Sher Khan in 1981.

Many big film directors like Khalil Qaisar, Hassan Tariq, Jafar Malik and M. Akram were trained by Pasha sahib. He also introduced many super stars like Musarrat Nazir, Nayyar Sultana, Bahar, Aslam Parvez, Asif Jah, Rani etc.

Anwar Kemal Pasha was born in 1925 in Lahore and died on October 13, 1987. He was married to actress Shamim. His son Mohammad Kemal Pasha is a famous story writer in Pakistani movies.

    Anwar Kemal Pasha

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