Folk Singer


She was a legendary Punjabi folk singer and Bulbul-e-Sehra!
Reshma - Folk Singer - She was a legendary Punjabi folk singer and Bulbul-e-Sehra!

Some facts about Reshma
Real name Pathani Begum
Active career
Life - 03-11-2013
Born at Bikaner, India
Language Punjabi
Profession Singing

Reshma was born in a gypsy family in 1947 in Indian city Bikaner, Rajishtan and she moved to Karachi after partition. She sang on holy shrines since she was 12 years old and got chance to sing for Radio. She got fame from Radio Pakistan Lahore's mega hit songs..

  • Heye O Rabba, Neun Lagda Dil Mera..

Her song with Parvez Mehdi was another hit..

  • Goriye, Main Jana Pardes, Main Jana Teray Naal..

She never got formal education in music but her special voice and expressions were marvelous. She sang in Punjabi film Wadera (1985).

  • Mango Ni Dua Sakhio, Na Tut Jaye Yari A..
Reshma's two Punjabi songs were used in two Indian movies, first in Raj Kapoor's film Bobby in 1973, resung by Lata Mageshkar as
  • Ankhyon Ko Rehnay Day Ankhyon Kay Aas Paas..

(original song as Akhian Nu Rehn Day Akhian Day Kol Kol..). Her other super hit song was..

  • Char Dina Da Pyar, O Rabba, Bari Lambi Judai.. (film Hero - 1983)

Reshma was diagnosed with cancer in the 1980s and died on November 3, 2013 in Lahore.

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