Film Heroine


She was Pakistan's first diamond jubilee film heroine..
Neelo - Film Heroine - She was Pakistan's first diamond jubilee film heroine..
Some facts about Neelo
Real name Abida Riaz
First film Sabira (Urdu - 1956)
Active career1956-
Life 29-06-1940 -
Born at Bhera, Sargodha
Language Punjabi
Profession Acting

Neelo was first heroine of historical Urdu film Zarqa (1969) which ran for more than 100 weeks in Karachi's cinemas and became the first ever diamond jubilee film in Pakistan. She was also the first heroine of Punjabi film Khatarnak (1974) which ran for more than 100 weeks in both Lahore and Karachi circuits.


Her Punjabi film Jeedar (1965) was first platinum jubilee film in Pakistan as well.

It was a very interesting fact, that Zarqa (1969) was her last film when she left film industry, but after sudden death of her husband writer and director Riaz Shahid in 1972, she resumed film career with another diamond jubilee super hit film Khatarnak in 1974.

Neelo began her film career in a minor role in a Hollywood film Bhowani Junction, which was shoot in Lahore in 1956. She was introduced in her first film Sabira in the same year. She played supporting and wamp roles in many films till she got the lead role in film Changez Khan in 1958. She got breakthrough from super hit musical film Nagin in 1959 and appeared in more than 150 movies. Neend, Koel, Sathi (1959), Darvaza, Azra, Banjaran (1962), Mouj MelaShikwa, Daaman (1963), Dachi (1964), Gehra DaghBetiMera Mahi (1964), Lado, BadnamPayel ki Jhankar (1966), Dil da Jani, Yaar Mar (1967), Sir da Badla, Dhan Jigra Maa DaJailor tay Qaidi, Sultana Daku (1975), Pindiwal (1976), Jatt Kurrian Tun Darda (1976), Danka (1977), Ajj Dian Kurrian (1977), GhundaNazrana (1978) and Nageena (1990) were some of her big movies.

Neelo was born into a Catholic family with name Cynthia Alexander Fernandes. She adopted the name Abida Riaz after embracing Islam at the time of her marriage to film screenwriter and film director Riaz Shahid.

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