Film Music director

Khalil Ahmad

He composed music for many super hit musical movies
Khalil Ahmad - Film Music director - He composed music for many super hit musical movies
Some facts about Khalil Ahmad
Real name Khalil Ahmad Khan Yousufzei
First film Anchal (Urdu - 1962)
Active career(1961-94)
Life 03-11-1936 - 21-07-1997
Born at Agra, India
Language Urdu
Profession Music

Khalil Ahmad started with a musical film Anchal in 1961. His ever green song..

  • Kisi Chammn Mein Raho Tum, Bahar Ban Kay Raho.

was first hit song by Ahmad Rushdi, who was struggling for many years to become a playback singer. He also composed a classical song in film Jhalak (1964)..

  • Mann Darpan Mein Lay Angrai..

which was sung by Saleem Raza and picturized on Ahmad Rushdi, who was playing the role of TanSen in this film.

Khalil Ahmad also composed the most popular patriotic film song..

  • Sathio, Mujahido, Jaag Utha Hay Sara Watan..

which was from film Mujahid (1965) and sung by Masood Rana, Shoukat Ali and Co..

Khalil Ahmad had another unique song - the most super hit birthday song in film Tallaq in 1976..

  • Meri Salgirah Hay, Bolo, Bolo Na.. Happy Birthday To Me.. (singer Baby Musarrat)

His other famous musical movies were Daaman (1963), Khamosh Raho (1964), Kaneez (1965), Tasvir, Lori, Meray Mehboob (1966), Dastan (1969), Aaj aur Kal, Tallaq (1976) etc.

Khalil Ahmad, full name Khalil Ahmad Khan Yousufzei was born on November 3, 1936 in Agra, India and died on July 21, 1997 in Lahore. He also appeared on Pakistan Television with some children's music programs.

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