Film Music director

Kemal Ahmad

He composed music in many super hit musical movies
Kemal Ahmad - Film Music director - He composed music in many super hit musical movies
Some facts about Kemal Ahmad
Real name
First film Nadira (Urdu - 1967)
Active career
Life - 06-06-1993
Born at Gorgaun, UP, India
Profession Music
Relations Rehman Verma (teacher)

Kemal Ahmad learnt music from another fame music director Rehman Varma. He was a close friend of Rangeela and composed music in most of his movies. He composed music in Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto movies.

His first film was Nadira (1967) but got success from film Dia aur Toofan (1969). Rangeela (1970), Dil Aur Dunya (1971), Doulat Aur Dunya, Basheera, Inteqam (1972), Manji Kithay Dahwan (1974), Teray Meray Sapney, Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1975), Waada, Warrant, Ann Daata (1976), Ishq Ishq, Salakhen (1977), Muthi Bhar Chawal, Prince (1978), Behan Bhai (1979), Dehleez, Ishq Nachaway Gali Gali (1984) and Pyar Karn Tun Nein Darna (1991) were some big musical movies of Kemal Ahmad.

Kemal Ahmad was born in Gor Gaun, UP, India in 1937 and died in Lahore on June 6, 1993.

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