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Jahangir Khan

Jahangir Khan passed away on September 23, 2013..
Jahangir Khan - Film hero - Jahangir Khan passed away on September 23, 2013..
Some facts about Jahangir Khan
Real name Jahangir A. Khan
First film Teri Yaad (Urdu - 1948)
Active career
Life 08-11-2026 - 23-09-2013
Born at Lahore
Language Punjabi
Profession Actor, journalist, bureaucrat

He was hero of Madam Noorjahan's first film in Pakistan!

Jahangir Khan was second hero in Pakistan's first released film Teri Yaad in 1948. His second Ghalt Fehmi in 1949 was as first hero with Asha Poslay. Chann Way (1951) was his third and last film, which was Madam Noorjahan's first film in Pakistan. Two famous songs in this film by Madam Noorjahan..

  • Chann Deya Totya Way, Dillan Deya Khoteya..
  • Way Mundia Sialkotia, Teray Mukhray Da Kala Kala Till Way..

were sung for Jahangir Khan, who paired with Madam Noorjahan despite the legendary hero Santosh Kumar was also in this film.

Jahangir Khan was father of Shamyl Khan. He was also a journalist and a bureaucrat. He served on prominent posts, having remained secretary of information, development and inter-provincial coordination.He also wrote a book in 1969 on Pakistan Television titled which is not available now. He retired from civil service in 1976.

Jahangir Khan died on September 23, 2013 in Lahore.

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